National PTA Founders' Day in the USA Date in the current year: February 17, 2019

National PTA Founders' Day in the USA February 17 is National PTA Founders' Day in the United States. This observance honors Phoebe Apperson Hearst, Alice McLellan Birne and Selena Sloan Butler, the founders of the National Parent-Teacher Association.

The National Parent-Teacher Association was founded on February 17, 1897, by Phoebe Hearst and Alice Birne. It was originally called the National Congress of Mothers. The first convocation of the Congress was attended by approximately 2,000 people – teachers, parents, legislators, and laborers.

Eventually, the organization was officially renamed to the National Congress of Parents in Teachers. In 1970, it merged with the National Congress of Colored Parents and Teachers founded by Selena Butler.

Most K-8 schools in the USA, as well as some preschools and high schools, have a PTA. When a person joins a local PTA, they automatically become a member of both the state and National PTAs. Local PTSs are often referred to as Parent-Teacher Organizations (PTOs).

The National PTA unites parents, teachers, students, administrators, and community and business leaders. It is the largest volunteer child advocacy organization in the country aimed at improving children's lives in education, safety and health.

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