National Father-in-Law Day Date in the current year: July 30, 2024

National Father-in-Law Day July 30 is a perfect day to spend some quality time with your spouse’s father because it is National Father-in-Law Day. The holiday was created to celebrate the role fathers-in-law play in our lives.

A father-in-law is the father of one’s spouse. While there are much fewer stereotypes about fathers-in-law than there are about mothers-in-law, we can name a few. Fathers-in-law are sometimes portrayed as a little grumpy, intimidating or even a bit scary (the kind that like to give their daughters’ boyfriends a shovel talk). On the other hand, when it comes to portraying the relationship between fathers-in-law and their daughters-in-law, the father-in-law is sometimes portrayed as a more mellow counterpart to the obnoxious mother-in-law.

Of course, stereotypes are just stereotypes, even if there is a tiny grain of truth to them. Everyone’s relationship with their in-laws is unique. Some people view their in-laws as a source of conflict, while for others, they are a source of support. Those who don’t have a good relationship with their father may even see their father-in-law as the father they’ve never had.

Regardless of how close you are with your father-in-law, you need to maintain at least a civil relationship with him because he is your spouse’s father and your children’s grandfather. Like any relationship, it needs work, and the key to a successful relationship with your in-laws is mutual respect. You don’t have to agree on everything, but you do need have to respect each other’s differences.

The best way to navigate your relationship with your father-in-law is to set ground rules: he doesn’t interfere in your matters as a couple, and you don’t interfere in his relationship with your spouse. When you and your spouse form a nuclear family, you need to set boundaries with your in-laws, but it is important to do so without being hostile. And, of course, it is important to at least attempt to bond with your father-in-law.

The origins of National Father-in-Law Day are unclear, but it was probably created as a counterpart to National Mother-in-Law Day celebrated annually on the fourth Saturday of October. Be that as it may, it’s great there is a day when you can thank your father-in-law for being in your life and bond with him.

If you and your father-in-law live close by, you can celebrate the holiday by having lunch or dinner together, watching a movie or a football game, going on a hike or a fishing trip, having a couple of beers at your local pub, playing cards or chess, cooking together – in other words, doing something you both enjoy. If your spouse has siblings who live in the area, organizing a family get-together, such as a backyard BBQ or a potluck, can be a great way to celebrate National Father-in-Law Day as a family.

If you can’t see your father-in-law in person, send him a greeting card, a present or a gift certificate, give him a call or at least send him a text to show your appreciation. And if you and your father-in-law aren’t on the best of terms, consider extending an olive branch for the sake of your spouse and kids.

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