National Lobster Newburg Day Date in the current year: March 25, 2024

National Lobster Newburg Day Lobster under Newburg sauce is so tasty that is deserves its own holiday. By the way, there it is on March 25. Today is National Lobster Newburg Day!

Newburg sauce is a very rich sauce of cream, butter, egg yolks and sherry that is used for seasoning any kind of shellfish. This sauce was created by a chef of Delmonico Restaurant and named after sea captain Ben Wenburg, who was a frequent guest there. But Wenburg and the manager of the restaurant had a quarrel, that is why Mr. Wenburg demanded his name to be removed from the menu. As far as this tasty sauce couldn't be forever forgotten, the manager decided to change its name to Newburg. This is how the famous Newburg sauce was created.

There are lots of Newburg sauce recipes that you can find. Remember, that the original one should contain sherry, yolks, butter and cream. Season the sauce with grated nutmeg, white pepper or paprika to your taste. If you want to use the sauce as filling for any other dish, you can add some sliced and sauted mushrooms.

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