National Spanish Paella Day Date in the current year: March 27, 2024

National Spanish Paella Day March 27 is National Spanish Paella Day. Altnough most people think that paella is an iconic Spanish dish, Spaniards insist that it's the signature dish of the Valencian region only.

Paella is a rice dish that originated in the Valencian region of Spain sometime in the 18th century. It was invented by farm laborers who cooked rice with vegetables and snails in a pan over open fire for lunch. Valencians who lived closer to the coastline used eel and butter beans instead of vegetables and snails. More sophisticated versions of paella with chicken and seafood appeared as living standards rose in the late 19th century.

Over the years, many kinds of paella have emerged, but three of them are undeniably more popular than the rest: the traditional Valencian paella (paella Valenciana) with green beans, lima or butter beans, and meat; seafood paella (paella de marisco) with seafood instead of meat and without beans and green vegetables; mixed paella (paella mixta), a free-style paella with any combination of meat, seafood, vegetables, and beans. No matter what kind of paella you prefer, its secret is in olive oil and saffron or turmeric, which gives paella its nice golden color.

If you want to celebrate National Spanish Paella Day, cook or order your favorite paella tonight to share with your family.

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