National Crepe Suzette Day Date in the current year: May 6, 2019

National Crepe Suzette Day May 6 is National Crepe Suzette Day. This is a typical French dessert, that was invented for the Brits!

French dessert crepe Suzette consists of fresh crepes and sauce of butter, sugar, orange juice, zest and liquor like Grand Marnier or orange Curacao. The ingredients for the sauce are put on top of the crepes and then served flambe. The ignition of crepes makes the dramatic presentation (by the way, the dessert is made in front of the customers) and also results in evaporating of alcohol. The thick sweet sauce covers crepes, so you can enjoy your dessert.

Crepe Suzette was invented by Henri Carpentier, head waiter at the Café de Paris in Monte-Carlo. He prepared a special crepes at the tableside for the future Kind Edward VII. He flambéed crepes, covered in sauce of orange juice, orange zest and orange liquor. The prince named the crepes after his lady friend, Suzette.

Sometimes this story is disputed, because Henri Carpentier couldn't make the dish, as far as he was just a 14-year old waiter assistant, but not maître d'hôtel. And assistant couldn't serve the prince instead of the head waiter, because he would have been too young.

No matter what's the story, you can celebrate this holiday at the nearby French restaurant. Order crepes Suzette to try this unusual dessert.

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