American Business Women's Day Date in the current year: September 22, 2024

American Business Women's Day American Business Women's Day is celebrated on September 22. This secular holiday honors the anniversary of the founding of the American Business Women's Association.

The American Business Women’s Association was established by Hilary Bufton, Jr. of Kansas on September 22, 1949. It focuses on providing opportunities for business women to grow professionally and personally. It is designed to bring together women seeking business opportunities, professional development and education, and networking support.

This national professional association unites women of all professions and in all stages of their career. It includes more then 15,000 members, from administrative assistants and teachers to chief executive officers and small-business owners. ANWA chapters are located in all 50 states.

American Business Women's Day was officially proclaimed by President Ronald Reagan in 1983 and 1986. This holiday honors the contributions of American women business owners and working women and provides business women with an opportunity to celebrate their accomplishments.

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