National Popcorn Day Date in the current year: January 19, 2024

National Popcorn Day Popcorn is one of the greatest snacks ever. It's been a part of our lives for such a long time that we can't imagine watching movies without it. Celebrate National Popcorn Day on January 19.

The oldest popcorn remnants were found in Mexico; they are dated to be more that 5,600 years old. Food scientists assume that the first popcorn was made by throwing corn kernels on sizzling hot stones over the campfire. Back then, it wasn't consumed as a snack, but rather used to make soup and even beer. Native Americans also used popped corn kernels in their necklaces and headdresses.

The popcorn as we know it today started to become popular around the 19th century. Originally, corn kernels were popped by hand on stove tops and then consumed as a breakfast cereal with milk and sugar, honey, or some other sweetener. Everything changed in the 1890s, when American inventor Charles Cretors invented a steam-powered popcorn maker. It allowed to automate the popping process and make popcorn more accessible.

Popcorn is primarily associated with the movies, since it has been served in movie theaters since the 1930s. It is also a popular snack food at sporting events. It can be consumed both as a savory snack (with salt and sometimes also various flavoring agents) and a sweet snack (with caramelized sugar). Celebrate National Popcorn Day with a bowl of your favorite sweet, spiced or salted popcorn that you can make in your microwaves in just a few seconds.

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