National Vision Board Day Date in the current year: January 13, 2024

National Vision Board Day National Vision Board Day is celebrated annually on the second Saturday of January. It was created to encourage people to visualize their goals for the new year and commit to achieving them.

A vision board, also referred to as a dream board or inspiration board, is a collage of one’s dreams, desires, goals, and aspirations. It may include images, motivational quotes, affirmations, and other visual elements. Vision boards are designed to help people visualize their dreams and goals, and serve as a source of inspiration and motivation.

The concept behind vision board is based on the law of attraction that originated in the New Thought movement and was popularized in the early 21st century. The law of attraction is a spiritual belief that positive or negative thoughts can bring positive or negative experiences into one’s life. In reality, a vision board won’t make your dreams manifest on their own, but it can help you see your goals more clearly and focus on achieving them.

Vision boards have been embraced and endorsed by many celebrities such as Beyoncé, Steve Harvey, Will Smith, and Oprah Winfrey. A popular trend involving vision boards, vision board parties, began to emerge in the early 2010s. A vision board party is a gathering of friends who share their goals with each other and collaborate on creating vision boards in a fun and relaxing environment.

A vision board can be made by anyone who wants to visualize their dreams and goals and create a tangible plan to accomplish them. There are different kinds of items that can go on your vision board: various lists (lists of goals you want to achieve, pros and cons lists, to-do lists), inspirational quotes and images, newspaper and magazine clippings, sticky notes with meaningful words, posters, sketches and drawings, postcards, stickers, etc. Some people prefer digital vision boards to physical ones.

If you’ve been thinking about creating a vision board but don’t know where to start, here is a list of steps that might help:

  • Take some time to think about your aspirations, desires, and goals and clarify them.
  • Gather the materials: a board to serve as a base (it can be a whiteboard, a cork board, etc.), items to arrange on the board, something to attach them with (pins, clips, glue, tape, magnets), scissors and other craft tools, etc.
  • Arrange your materials on the board.
  • Once you’re happy with the arrangement, place your vision board where you will see it every day.

National Vision Board Day was created in 2015 by actor Kellan Lutz, best known for his role as Emmett Cullen in the Twilight films, and producer Ryan Daly. They submitted the holiday to National Day Calendar in June 2015, their submission was approved a month later, and the first celebration of National Vision Board Day took place on January 9, 2015.

The main goal of National Vision Board Day is to encourage people to take a look at their goals for the new year and visualize them in order to see these goals more clearly and stay motivated. You can celebrate the holiday by creating a vision board, inviting your friends over for a vision board party, sharing your experiences with vision boards, and spreading the word about the holiday on social media with the hashtags #NationalVisionBoardDay and #VisionBoardDay.

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