National Frozen Food Day Date in the current year: March 6, 2018

National Frozen Food Day National Frozen Food Day is celebrated annually on March 6. This holiday was introduced by proclamation 5157 signed by President Ronald Reagan in 1984.

Frozen food appeared in 1930s. An American inventor and businessman Clarence Frank Birdseye II has decided to freeze some products and retail them in supermarkets. The initial frozen products line featured 26 items, including spinach, peas, 18 different cuts of meat, fruits, berries, fish filet, blue point oysters.

Freezing can be used for preservation of food ready to be eaten and even for products that need cooking after thawing. Anyway this type of preservation is less effective than thermal techniques. The thing is that pathogens, that cause food spoilage, are not killed at reduced temperatures, but only deactivated. It means that food will be spoiled if you keep it in fridge for too long. Besides the process of decomposition starts once again when products thaw.

Anyway, frozen food is a part of our life and makes it's much easier. Go to your local grocery store and find one of your frozen favorites to celebrate this day.

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