National Cheese Fondue Day Date in the current year: April 11, 2024

National Cheese Fondue Day April 11 is National Cheese Fondue Day. It's a perfect day to invite friends over for a cheese fondue party.

Cheese fondue is a traditional Swiss dish that was developed in 1800s. It's believed that cow herders invented it during long winters, when only a few basic products (cheese, wine, bread) were available. The word "fondue" has a French origin; it is the feminine passive past participle of the verb fondre, which means "to melt".

Every region of Switzerland has its own recipes of cheese fondue. Usually two or more varieties of Swiss cheese (Gruyère, Emmental, Sbrinz, Appenzeller, etc.) are melted with white wine and a bit of cornstarch or flour for a smoother and more stable emulsion. The fondue is served in a special pot called caquelon and eaten by dipping bread cubes, pickles, olives, and other foods speared on long forks.

Although fondue is generally considered a Swiss dish, it is popular in other countries, too. Some countries have their own fondue recipes. For example, French fondue is made with French cheeses, and Italian fondue includes milk and eggs alongside cheese.

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