National Nothing Day Date in the current year: January 16, 2024

National Nothing Day National Nothing Day is an “un-event” observed on January 16. It was conceived by San Francisco Examiner columnist Harold Pullman Coffin and has been celebrated since 1973.

Coffin felt that there were too many “national days” proclaimed by various groups and individuals. He decided to set aside a day for doing nothing. On this day, Americans can just sit without observing, honoring or celebrating anything. Coffin even registered the National Nothing Foundation to sponsor the observance (or should we say “non-observance”?).

Some people believe that National Nothing Day promotes laziness because on this day people are encouraged to literally do nothing. That's not the purpose behind National Nothing Day, but if you are too wrapped up in work, you might consider taking a break and relaxing.

Ironically, National Nothing Day coincides with Religious Freedom Day. So, which of these two days should you ignore? Tough choice for some people. Besides, Martin Luther King., Jr. Day may fall on January 16. It is a public holiday which effectively usurps the very nature of National Nothing Day.

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