National Apple Strudel Day Date in the current year: June 17, 2024

National Apple Strudel Day The best apple strudels come from Austria, where they originated. Strudels sold in supermarkets are even not similar to real strudels. Celebrate National Apple Strudel Day, that falls annually on June 17.

There are many varieties to strudels, they can be sweet and savory. Sweet strudels include cherry, cheese, poppy seeds and today's special apple filling. But if you're looking for savory strudel, then spinach and cabbage will be the best.

The oldest strudel recipe dates back to 1696. It was handwritten and for many years kept in the Vienna City Library. Although strudel is Austrian pastry, it has got origins in the Byzantine Empire, and was developed from pastry like baklava.

Old-fashioned apple strudel is difficult to make, but the result is worth it. Never make strudel from puff pastry or phyllo. It requires only elastic and stretchable dough, that is not flaky. We think you can guess, that “toaster strudel” from supermarket bears no similarity to a real strudel. We recommend you serve your homemade apple strudel with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a sprig of mint as decoration. Happy National Apple Strudel Day!

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