National Paper Airplane Day in the USA Date in the current year: May 26, 2024

National Paper Airplane Day in the USA Paper airplane is a simple toy craft, know to every child around the world. And Americans annually celebrate an unofficial holiday of paper planes, that is National Paper Airplane Day, on May 26.

The first folded paper planes appeared in Ancient China, but there are also some evidences that the art of folding paper planes was developing in Japan in equal measure. This paper toy became very popular in China and Japan approximately in 460-390 BC.

It's hard to tell when Americans started celebrating this holiday, however, it became very popular among children and their parents. The reason for celebration of this holiday is rather simple: put down your smartphones, iPads and get off the Internet to go outside and have some primitive fun together with your family and friends.

Every year local contests are held on National Paper Airplane Day to determine the airplane spending the longest time in air or flying the longest distance. The first record belongs to Takua Toda – his airplane spend 27.9 seconds in air. The second world record belongs to Joe Ayoob. His plane, constructed by John Collins, flew 226 ft and 10 in.

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