National Chinese Almond Cookie Day Date in the current year: April 9, 2024

National Chinese Almond Cookie Day April 9 is National Chinese Almond Cookie Day. We're sure that you'll love these cookies, if you've never tried them before.

The origin of Chinese almond cookie is unclear. There are no printed mentions in Chinese books of such cookies before 1900s. They appeared only after the first wave of Chinese immigration to the U.S. in the mid of 1800s.

Some say that almond cookies were adapted from Chinese walnut cookie, that is a plain cookie with a walnut in the middle. Chinese believe that these cookies bring good luck. Although the variation of a plain cookie with an almond in the middle is called to be Chinese, a cookbook author Yuan-Shan Chi declared these cookies to be as Chinese as blueberry pie. Even if they are not authentic, they are served in the end of a meal not only in the USA, but also in Hong Kong, Macau (although they are called there an almond biscuit or almond cake), mainland China and in very Chinatowns worldwide.

You can bake Chinese almond cookies today to celebrate this holiday. These cookies are great with tea and coffee and maybe they will bring you good luck!

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