National Kitten Day Date in the current year: July 10, 2024

National Kitten Day National Kitten Day is celebrated annually on July 10 to celebrate adorable kittens and encourage people to adopt them from shelters. It was created by Colleen Paige, a pet and family lifestyle expert known for coming up with and promoting a bunch of animal-related holidays.

Kittens might be some of the cutest, sweetest, and most adorable creatures on Earth. Sadly, their cuteness isn’t always good for them. A lot of people get kittens because they’re oh-so-cute only to discover that owning a pet is hard work. Because of this, thousands of kittens end up in shelters or in the streets every year, and while many of them find a new forever home, some are not so lucky and die before they get a chance to grow up.

One of the biggest issues regarding kittens in shelters is that kittens are more fragile than adult cats and need special care when they get sick. A lot of shelters and rescues are not equipped to provide such care, which leads to high mortality rates. Fortunately, there are organizations like the National Kitten Coalition that provide shelters and rescues with resources to help at-risk kittens and save as many of them as possible, giving kitten a chance to grow up and find a loving home.

The good news is that kittens are more likely to be adopted than adult cats. According to pet adoption statistics published by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), over 80% of kittens in animal shelters and rescues are adopted, compared to about 55% of adult cats.

Colleen Paige created National Kitten Day in 2012 to celebrate the joy kittens bring into our lives, raise awareness of the plight of kittens in shelters, and encourage people to adopt kittens from rescues and shelters instead of buying them. The holiday was celebrated in December for the first two years, but since 2014, it has been observed on July 10.

There are many ways to celebrate National Kitten Day. The best one is to adopt a kitten, but we understand that this option isn’t for everyone; you shouldn’t adopt a pet if you’re not ready for such a commitment. But there are other ways to get involved with the holiday. For example, you can donate to or volunteer at your local animal shelter, foster a kitten temporarily, or simply spend the day watching cute kitten videos.

If you already have a kitten (or an adult cat), you can celebrate by buying your furry companion a new toy or treat, making sure your kitty’s vaccinations are up-to-date, cuddle with your pet, and share a selfie with your kitten on social media with the hashtags #NationalKittenDay and #KittenDay to spread the word about the holiday.

National Kitten Day is also a good day to raise awareness of the benefits of spaying and neutering. Spaying/neutering is the best way to prevent the birth of unwanted kittens and reduce the number of kittens on the streets and in shelters, since an average litter consists of four to six kittens, and a female cat can produce up to three litters in a year. Spaying or neutering your cat and donating to a stray cat spay/neuter product is a great way to celebrate National Kitten Day.

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