National Newspaper Carrier Day Date in the current year: September 4, 2024

National Newspaper Carrier Day September 4 is National Newspaper Carrier Day in the USA. This holiday is created to appreciate all newspaper carriers and convenience that they provide to us.

National Newspaper Carrier Day is celebrated on the day, when Barney Flaherty, the first newspaper carrier, was hired in 1833 by Benjamin Day, the publisher of the New York Sun. This newspaper was one of the three major daily newspapers published in New York along with the New York Times and the New York Herald Tribune.

There were some famous newspaper carriers in the history of the USA, and the Newspaper Carrier Hall of Fame, started in 1960, features their names. Martin Luther King Jr., John Wayne and Warren Buffet at included to the Hall.

Today you could show your newspaper carrier some extra appreciation. A small box of chocolates or a simple “thank you” card would make their day better. Appreciate the work they do and enjoy the ease you have in being able to wake up and read a morning newspaper while you drink a cup of coffee or tea.

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