National Vodka Day in the USA Date in the current year: October 4, 2017

National Vodka Day in the USA Today vodka accounts almost 25% of spirits sold today in the Untied States, making it one of the most popular alcohol beverages, outpacing once beloved bourbon. And October 4 is National Vodka Day!

It's hard to tell, where vodka originates from. Some historians believe, that the first vodka was produced in the territory of present-day Poland in the 8th century or in the territory of present-day Russia at the end of the 9th century.

There is no exact information, why National Vodka Day is celebrated on October 4, but vodka-lovers are fine with it. Actually, it can be any other day of the year, since they are all good to try a new flavor of vodka. Originally vodka is flavorless that makes it a bit boring, but at the same time perfect for any cocktails. Enthusiasts can try to create their own vodka flavors, but if you aren't in mood of messy experiments, then just try crazy vodka flavors, that already exist and can be bought in the USA. These flavors include smoked salmon, fluffed marshmallow, cucumber, cookie dough, peanut butter & jelly, orange cream, whipped cream, cotton candy, chocolate whipped, rose, chili pepper, bacon, root beer, espresso, cupcake and devil's food.

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