National Brandy Alexander Day Date in the current year: January 31, 2024

National Brandy Alexander Day The last day of January is National Brandy Alexander Day. If you haven't tried this incredibly tasty cocktail, do it today on January 31.

Brandy Alexander became popular in 1922, when it was introduced during the wedding of Princess Mary and Viscount Lascelles in London. This cocktail has a predecessor, Alexander, that is made with gin. But number one was quickly forgotten when Brandy Alexander came to stage. And today we're happy to celebrate National Brandy Alexander Day.

The recipe of Brandy Alexander is very simple. Combine 1,5 oz brandy, 1 oz dark crème de cacao and 1 oz of half-and-half. Shake it well with ice cubes and strain your cocktail into martini glass. Garnish cocktail with 1/4 teaspoon of grated nutmeg. Enjoy your cocktail!

If you want to, you can turn Brandy Alexander into a dessert. Add a scoop of vanilla or chocolate ice cream to cocktail and serve it in a wine goblet, which is a good alternative to martini glass. Actually you can serve this dessert in any other glass that you like.

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