Hepatitis Testing Day in the USA Date in the current year: May 19, 2024

Hepatitis Testing Day in the USA Every year all Americans can make a free hepatitis testing on May 19. This event is known as Hepatitis Testing Day and it's held since 2011.

Hepatitis Testing Day was started by CDC (the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), the leading public health institute in the United States, as a special event encouraging taking care of one's health. Free viral hepatitis testing is provided for everyone in many locations around the USA. And millions of Americans find out, that they suffer chronic viral hepatitis.

There are several things everyone should known about hepatitis: Hepatitis A, B, C and D all different diseases, since they are caused by four different viruses. Only Hepatitis A doesn't cause a long-term infection, while the rest become chronic and lead to serious health problems. Many people event don't realize, that they suffer one of the forms of hepatitis until they undergo special testing. And during this time hepatitis causes serious damage to liver, leading to cancer and cirrhosis.

Annually hepatitis kills more people around the world then AIDS does, that's why all Americans are encouraged to make a free testing to find out, whether they suffer any form of hepatitis or not.

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