National Comic Book Day in the USA Date in the current year: September 25, 2019

National Comic Book Day in the USA September 25 is National Comic Book Day in the USA. This day is very important to all comic book fans, lovers and collectors.

Comic book is considered as an American invention, but actually it appeared in Europe. Tour of Dr Syntax in search of the Picturesque by William Combe was the very first comic strip written and published between 1809 and 1811 in the Poetical Magazine.

Comics appeared in the USA only in 1842, when The Adventures of Obadiah Oldbuck were printed in hardcover. This book was the prototype of a comic book. And the first comic book Famous Funnies appeared in the USA in 1933 and it is believed to be the real comic book. It consisted of reprinted comic strips that appeared earlier in newspapers.

One may think that comic books are all humorous in tone, but actually they feature stories of any genres. And today you can read or buy a new comic book, or share it with your friend. Many comic book stores sale comic books and even give them for free. Choose any way you want to celebrate the holiday.

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