National Cream Cheese Brownie Day Date in the current year: February 10, 2024

National Cream Cheese Brownie Day Cream cheese brownie is one of the most popular American desserts. No one can resist a swirl and its sweet taste. Celebrate National Cream Cheese Brownie Day on February 10.

The brownies can be traced back to 1906 when the first recipe was published in the The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book. But it is believed that brownies existed even in the mid of 1800s. However, the first brownies were not alike the brownies we know today. At that time the recipes of brownies called for only two squares of baking chocolate.

Cream cheese brownie must be one of the best brownies recipes. Swirls of cream cheese batter instead of making brownies richer provide it with a smoother texture and a counterpoint to the heaviness of the chocolate.

Don't confuse cream cheese brownie with zebra brownie. In zebra brownie a cheesecake layer lays atop a brownie layer. And cream cheese brownie is made by folding a cream cheese batter into a brownie batter. This results in a beautiful swirl pattern that no one can resist.

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