National Entrepreneurs’ Day Date in the current year: November 19, 2024

National Entrepreneurs’ Day National Entrepreneurs’ Day is an unofficial American holiday that honors entrepreneurs who are considered the foundation of the country. It is celebrated on the third Tuesday in November.

In 2010, Siamak Taghaddos, David Hauser and Amir Teherani came up with the idea of a holiday that would celebrated entrepreneurship and innovation. Two years later, U.S. President Barak Obama declared November 12 as National Entrepreneurship Month. November 6, 2012 was declared as National Entrepreneurs’ Day. However, it was a one-time celebration.

Supporters of National Entrepreneurs’ Day started a campaign for making this holiday official through legislation. If the corresponding resolution is approved by both the Senate and House, the holiday will be officially celebrated every year on the third Tuesday in November.

Meanwhile, it is observed informally by those who want to express their gratitude to entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs create new jobs, ignite innovation, and make significant contributions to the country’s economy. National Entrepreneurs’ Day focuses on raising public awareness about the importance of entrepreneurship.

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