National Device Appreciation Day Date in the current year: December 17, 2024

National Device Appreciation Day In the modern world, a lot of people find it hard to imagine their lives without various devices that make everything (well, almost everything) so much easier. National Device Appreciation Day, celebrated annually on December 17, was created to recognize the importance of devices in our lives and encourage people to insure them.

Device is a colloquial term that encompasses various electronic appliances and gadgets that we use daily: desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, smart watches, fitness trackers, GPS navigators, gaming consoles, television streaming devices, smart home devices, VR equipment, and many more. Most people in the developed world own at least several devices that they cannot imagine their lives without.

According to DataReportal, a website providing global digital insights, the most popular electronic devices are mobile phones in general and smartphones in particular. In 2022, most electronics consumers owned one. Almost 60% of consumers owned a desktop computer or laptop, a little over a third of global consumers owned a tablet, and nearly 29% of consumers owned a smart wristband or smart watch.

And let’s not forget about medical devices that many people use. They can range from simple devices everyone uses occasionally such as thermometers or blood pressure monitors to more complex devices like artificial pacemakers, cochlear implants, and insulin pumps.

The sad thing about electronic devices is that they are expensive and often fragile. Most devices are easy to break and costly to replace, so it makes sense to insure them in a way that fits your lifestyle (for example, if you’re accident-prone and/or can’t afford to immediately replace a lost or damaged gadget, you absolutely need insurance). Proper device insurance won’t make a significant dent in your budget, but it can make all the difference if something happens to one of your favorite devices.

The celebration of National Device Appreciation Day is promoted by insurance companies in order to raise awareness of device insurance and encourage people to consider insuring if not all their devices, then at least the most expensive of them. So the best way to celebrate it is to assess your insurance needs and make sure your favorite expensive devices are properly insured.

You also can dedicate the day to taking care of your devices: giving them a cleaning, updating software, etc. The better care you take of your devices, the longer they will last. And don’t forget to spread the word about the holiday on social media by sharing stories about your favorite devices you can’t live without with the hashtags #NationalDeviceAppreciationDay and #DeviceAppreciationDay.

National Device Appreciation Day originated in the United States, like many unofficial and semi-official holidays, but it has been referenced by British, Indian, and South African websites, so we guess it is gradually becoming an international observance celebrated by techies and regular gadget users in different countries.

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