National Peach Cobbler Day Date in the current year: April 13, 2019

National Peach Cobbler Day There's nothing sweeter and tastier than peach cobbler. Although peaches are not in season, it doesn't make National Peach Cobbler Day on April 13 less appealing.

Cobblers were developed during the 19th century, when the settlers didn't have enough ingredients and equipment to make traditional suet puddings. They came up with the idea of cooking fruits in a deep pan and cover them with a layer of uncooked, plain biscuit dough. Once the dish was cooked, its surface reminded a cobbled street, hence the dessert name.

Long enough cobblers were not accepted as a dish you could make for guests. But today sweet cobblers became fashionable, that is why they are cooked with any kind of fruit filling. You can make cobbler with any fruit you want. But as far as it's Peach Cobbler Day, you should think about these sweet August fruit. By the way, did you know that peach cobbler was created by the Georgia Peach Council in the 1950s to promote selling canned peaches? If you don't have fresh peaches, you can use canned ones for you sweet cobbler.

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