National Ravioli Day Date in the current year: March 20, 2024

National Ravioli Day Ravioli is one of the most popular dishes among pasta lovers. If you're one of them, you should definitely celebrate National Ravioli Day on March 20.

The first mention of ravioli dates back to the 14th century. They were mentioned in the personal letters of Fransecro di Marco, an Italian merchant. The very first ravioli were filled with blanched and minced green herbs mixed with fresh cheese and beaten egg. In 1549, well-known chef Bartolomeo Scappi served ravioli to the papal conclave.

Popular ravioli fillings in Italy include ricotta and spinach, meat, sausage, cheese, seafood, and vegetables (depending on the region). Ravioli are usually boiled and served in broth or with a sauce.

Ravioli were brought to the United States by Italian immigrants and quickly became popular among Americans, just like other Italian staples. In some regions, local varieties of the dish emerged. For example, if you happen to visit St. Louis, Missouri, you should try toasted ravioli: breaded and deep-fried ravioli served with parmesan cheese and marinara dipping sauce.

Traditionally, ravioli are homemade, but you can purchase them fresh or frozen in grocery stores. Canned ravioli are also very popular in the United States; they originated in Italy during the First World War as a ready-to-eat army meal and were popularized in the United States in the 1930s by Chef Boyardee, a brand of canned pasta products founded by Italian immigrant Hector Boiardi.

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