National Ravioli Day Date in the current year: March 20, 2019

National Ravioli Day Ravioli is one of the most popular dishes among pasta lovers. If you love this dish, then celebrate National Ravioli Day on March 20.

The first mention of ravioli dates back to the 14th century. They were mentioned in the writings of Fransecro di Marco, who was a merchant. The very first ravioli were filled with minced and blanched green herbs mixed with beaten egg and fresh cheese. This recipe is still used today and it is loved for sweet and strong spices.

You can find hundreds of different fillings for ravioli. Italians love filling their ravioli with ricotta, spinach, nutmeg and black pepper. But ravioli with seafood, meat, vegetables or cheese are also very popular.

Traditionally ravioli are homemade, but you can purchase them frozen in grocery stores. Canned ravioli are also very popular in the USA, which were introduced by Chef Boyardee. He suggested filling ravioli with beef or processed cheese and serve them in a tomato, tomato-cheese or tomato-meat sauce.

There are dishes that are similar to ravioli in different countries. For example, popular Indian dish gujiya is prepared with sweet filling of fruit, sugar and sweet spices mixture, then deep fried in oil. Asian samosa is also similar to ravioli, but it us stuffed with meat, potato, peas and served with sour and sweet sauce.

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