National String Cheese Day Date in the current year: September 20, 2024

National String Cheese Day September 20 is a perfect day for a snack because it is National String Cheese Day. It was created to celebrate a nutritious, tasty and easy-to-eat snack that is popular among cheese lovers around the globe.

In a broad sense, the term “string cheese” refers to any type of cheese that is heated and then stretched during the cheese making process. It causes the milk proteins line up, making the cheese stringy. String cheese is semi-soft and can be pulled apart in strips or strings. It is usually sold in the form of sticks or braided strings. String cheese may be smoked, but not necessarily.

Not all cheeses can be made into string cheese. String cheese is produced from the so-called stretch-curd cheeses, which are manufactured using a special technique that gives them a fibrous structure. They can be made from cow’s, buffalo’s, sheep’s, or goat’s milk. Stretch-curd cheeses that are most commonly used to produce string cheese include Armenian chechil, Georgian sulguni, Italian mozzarella, and Slovakian korbáčik.

In the United States, string cheese is generally made from low-moisture mozzarella or a combination of mozzarella and cheddar. It is typically formed into roughly cylindrical sticks that can be packaged either individually or in a pack of several pieces. String cheese sticks are snack-sized, usually about 1 inch in diameter and 6 inches long.

The person credited with inventing the American version of string cheese is Frank Baker, who ran a family-owned cheese company in St. Cloud, Wisconsin. Baker was looking for a way to produce small, consumer sized units of mozzarella cheese, which was enjoying rapidly growing demand in the 1970s.

The Original Baker String Cheese entered the market in 1976. Since then, string cheese has become a popular snack in the United States. It is healthy, nutritious, convenient, delicious, versatile, and fun to eat (you can eat string cheese in different ways but the right and fun way is to peel strings of cheese from the stick and eat them). Cheese sticks are perfect for sharing with friends, and it is one more reason to love this delicious snack.

Although most people view string cheese as a snack that is great on its own, it is also used as a cooking ingredient. Dishes that can be made using string cheese include mozzarella sticks (breaded and deep-fried or baked sticks of string cheese), skewer appetizers, tortilla rolls, stuffed crust pizza, stuffed meatballs, salads, mozzarella bites, stuffed peppers, cheese-stuffed crescent rolls, and more.

National String Cheese Day was founded in 2017 by Galbani, an Italian cheese brand, to celebrate the love that Americans have for string cheese and promote the company’s products in the United States. Celebrate the holiday by snacking on string cheese, trying different brands of string cheese and ranking them from best to worst, experimenting with recipes that involve string cheese, throwing a wine and cheese party for your friends, and spreading the word about the holiday on social media with the hashtags #NationalStringCheeseDay and #StringCheeseDay.

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