National Chocolate Covered Cashew Day Date in the current year: April 21, 2024

National Chocolate Covered Cashew Day Chocolate goes well with everything, especially nuts. If you're looking for a special treat, they pick up a handful of chocolate covered cashews. By the way, April 21 is National Chocolate Covered Cashew Day.

Cashew trees originate in Brazil, although today they are grown in many countries with tropical climate. English name of cashew derives from the Portuguese word “caju”, that is the name for the fruit of cashew tree.

Did you know that cashew tree produces the cashew apples, juicy and highly aromatic fruit, with cashew nuts attached to them? Cashew apple can be eaten fresh and it is also used for making beverages. The shell of cashew nut is toxic and causes irritation, that is why nuts are always sold shelled to the consumers.

You could make an interesting experiment with a raw cashew nut. Toss it into an open fire to see how it burns. Cashews are highly flammable and produce impressive tiny explosions. As far as gases and fumes can irritate, make the experiment in open space. Kids shouldn't try this experiment without parent's supervision!

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