National Kitchen Klutzes of America Day Date in the current year: June 13, 2019

National Kitchen Klutzes of America Day June 13 is National Kitchen Klutzes of America Day. This is your day, if you really want to cook something delicious, but end up with a mess and cut fingers.

All kitchen klutzes of America today can relax. It's their day, that is why even if everything goes wrong and the pie and cookies are burnt, all fingers are cut, the glass is broken, the roast is underdone, relax, don't worry and be happy. These things happen from time to time even to the chefs! The restaurant chefs, when they were apprentices, used salt instead of sugar, soda instead of baking powder and spilled milk. So let's face the truth: everyone has a bad day in the kitchen.

Today you have to enjoy, as far as June 13 is only yours holiday. While everyday celebrates some kind of food, Kitchen Klutzes of America Day is only for you and it honors your everyday struggles to make breakfast or delicious dinner for your family. Don't worry and keep a medical kit (together with fire extinguisher) in the kitchen.

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