National Punctuation Day in the USA Date in the current year: September 24, 2024

National Punctuation Day in the USA National Punctuation Day is an annual observance held on September 24. It was established to promote the correct usage of punctuation in the English language.

National Punctuation Day was created by Jeff Rubin in 2004 to emphasize the vital role of punctuation marks in written English. In the English language, the simple differences in punctuation can produce the sharp differences in meaning, that is why correct punctuation is so important.

There are two major styles of punctuation in the English language: British (logical punctuation) and American (traditional punctuation). They differ primarily in the way they handle quotation marks. The rest of the basic punctuation rules are essentially the same in all varieties of English.

Sadly, these rules are often ignored, which may lead to misunderstanding. Punctuation is as important as any other aspect of the written language. That is why Rubin founded National Punctuation Day.

National Punctuation Day is marked with special lessons at schools, contests, fundraisers, and other appropriate events and activities. In 2006, Jeff Rubin and his wife, Norma, launched Punctuation Playtime. It is a program for elementary school students that focuses on reinforcing important punctuation lessons.

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