National Fish Taco Day Date in the current year: January 25, 2024

National Fish Taco Day January 25 is a perfect day to indulge in Mexican cuisine and treat yourself to delicious fish tacos because it is National Fish Taco Day. This food day was created by Rubio’s Coastal Grill in 2018 and has been celebrated every year since then.

Tacos are one of the most iconic Mexican dishes. A taco consists of a small tortilla topped with a filling; it is supposed to be folded around the filling and eaten by hand. Common taco fillings include various meats (chicken, beef, pork), fish, seafood, vegetables (chiles, corn, lettuce, onion, tomatoes), beans, cheese, and condiments such as guacamole, salsa or sour cream.

Fish tacos (tacos de pescado) originated in the Mexican state of Baja California. They consist of a corn or flour tortilla topped with fried or grilled fish, cabbage or lettuce, pico de gallo, and a citrus/mayonnaise or sour cream sauce. The modern version of the fish taco has been around since the mid-20th century.

It is unclear who exactly created the authentic Mexican fish tacos, but we know who is credited with introducing the dish to the United States and popularizing it. This person is Ralph Rubio, the founder of the fast casual restaurant chain Rubio’s Coastal Grill.

While studying at San Diego State University, Rubio and his friends spent a spring break in Baja California, where he encountered fish tacos for the first time. Rubio liked the dish so much that he came up with the idea to open a restaurant serving fish tacos in his native San Diego. The first Rubio’s restaurant opened on January 25, 1983 on Mission Drive.

Rubio’s Original Fish Taco consists of a corn tortilla topped with beer-battered and deep-fried Alaskan pollock, shredded cabbage, a bit of salsa, and a creamy white sauce. It is served with a wedge of lime that you can squeeze on the topping before folding and enjoying your taco. Variations of the dish with grilled mahi-mahi instead of pollock or a flour tortilla instead of corn one are also available at all Rubio’s locations.

Since the introduction of fish tacos by Ralph Rubio, the dish has spread beyond San Diego and is now a fixture at Mexican and Tex-Mex restaurants in California. However, the fish taco remains relatively uncommon in the states where Rubio’s doesn’t operate, and National Fish Taco Day is meant to rectify this and promote fish tacos across the nation.

Rubio’s Coastal Grill established National Fish Taco Day to commemorate the 35th opening anniversary of its first restaurant and celebrate the chain’s signature menu item, the Original Fish Taco. On the occasion of the holiday, Rubio’s offers various promotions to its guests; if there is a Rubio’s location near you, don’t miss out on these offers!

Of course, there are other ways to celebrate National Fish Taco Day. You can go out to any Mexican or Tex-Mex restaurant that serves fish tacos, make your own fish tacos at home, throw a Mexican-themed party for your friends and family, and share your favorite fish taco recipes online with the hashtags #NationalFishTacoDay and #FishTacoDay to spread the word about the holiday and encourage others to celebrate it too.

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