Mischief Night Date in the current year: October 30, 2019

Mischief Night October 30 is Mischief Night in Northern America and Great Britain. Tonight teenagers and children are engaged in pranks and minor vandalism.

Mischief Night has got different names. Only in the USA it is known under the names Mischief Night, Cabbage Night and Gate Night. In Canada and some other parts of the USA this night is called Mat Night and in Great Britain it's Miggy Night, Mischievous Night, Corn Night, Trick Night, Micky Night. The most interesting that Mischief Night is celebrated in Great Britain on November 4 on the eve of Bonfire Night.

As far as Mischief Night is mostly celebrated on October 30, it's tightly associated with Halloween. Trick-or-treating is a traditional activity for children.

Contemporary pranks include different tricks with toilet paper, powder-bombs, eggs, soap, fireworks, rotten fruits and pumpkins. Local grocery stores even refuse selling eggs to teenagers and pre-teens around the time of Halloween! Although the tricks during Mischief Night should be more or less harmless, sometimes children can damage homes and gardens.

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