National Baked Alaska Day Date in the current year: February 1, 2019

National Baked Alaska Day February 1 is National Baked Alaska Day. Although many claim that they invented this divine dessert, we know its exact origin.

Baked Alaska is a great combination of ice cream, sponge cake and meringue baked in oven. Although meringue is hot, ice cream in the middle of dessert is cold. No magic, just chemistry.

The first attempts to combine cake and ice cream date back to the times of Renaissance. The bakers were topping their cakes with whipped cream. The Chinese were the first who managed to cook pastry over an ice cream filling, that ended with the result of delicious combination of cold ice cream filling and hot cake. The Chinese introduced their dessert to Paris in the 19th century, that laid foundation to Baked Alaska we know today.

American physicist made the last contribution to Baked Alaska. He investigated the heat resistance of beaten egg whites and came up with the idea, that they were a great insulator. He discovered hot to make meringue and called his dessert Omlette Surpise or Omelette à la Norvégienne.

We have to answer the last question: who made the first Baked Alaska? The original recipe belongs to Delmonico’s Restaurant in New York City. Its chef made this dessert in honor of the newly acquired Alaska territory.

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