National Thank You Note Day Date in the current year: December 26, 2024

National Thank You Note Day December 26 — the day after Christmas — is the perfect day to thank your friends and family for their generosity during the holiday season by writing them thank you notes because it is National Thank You Note Day. Of course, you can just shoot them a text, but a handwritten thank you note is so much more thoughtful and personal!

A thank you note is just what it says on the tin: a note that you write to thank someone for their gift or something nice they’ve done for you. Very few people still write thank you notes these days, when you can just call, text or email someone to express your gratitude, but we think that it is a very beautiful tradition that shouldn’t be forgotten. A handwritten thank you note shows that you care because it takes time and effort.

Of course, a thank you note should contain more than just the words “thank you”. Start with addressing the recipient of the note by their name; then acknowledge the specific gift they’ve given to you and gush a little about how you’ve enjoyed it. If you received the gift in the mail, assure the sender that it arrived safely; if it was given to you in person, mention something you liked about that meeting.

According to traditional etiquette, you don’t have to send someone a thank you note if you opened your present in front of them and thanked them in person, but we suggest that you do it anyway! We are sure that receiving a handwritten thank you note will make their day and help them stay in a festive mood for a little longer. It is also considered classy to write thank you notes to the hosts of the parties you’ve attended.

Remember that a little kindness goes a long way. Maybe you’re not expected to write thank you notes these days, but kind deeds are so much more impactful when they’re unexpected! Besides, National Thank You Note Day is a great excuse to buy some cute stationery.

There are other ways to celebrate National Thank You Note Day in addition to sending thank you notes to everyone who’s given you a Christmas present this year. For example, you can attend a calligraphy workshop to improve your handwriting or host a note-making party for your family and friends because making thank you notes, like many things, is so much more fun when you’re doing it with the people you love. And don’t forget to spread the word about the holiday on social media with the hashtags #NationalThankYouNoteDay and #ThankYouNoteDay.

Interestingly, National Thank You Note Day coincides with National Whiners Day, which is also celebrated the day after Christmas because it is the day when people start losing their holiday spirit and want to complain. You can kill two birds with one stone and celebrate both holidays at once!

First, let yourself whine about all the things that make you frustrated. Let it all out because today you’re allowed to do it. Once you’ve done whining, think about all the things you should be thankful for, including the gifts you received this Christmas and the people who gave them to you, and write thank you notes to express your gratitude.

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