USO Day Date in the current year: February 4, 2024

USO Day USO Day, sometimes referred to as National USO Day, is celebrated annually on February 4. It was created to pay tribute to an organization that provides live entertainment, social facilities, and other programs to American service members and their families.

The United Service Organization (USO) was founded during World War II in response to President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s request to provide morale and recreation services to the country’s uniformed military personnel. Six civilian organizations (the National Catholic Community Service, the National Jewish Welfare Board, the Salvation Army, Travelers Aid, YMCA, and YWCA) came together to form the USO, which was officially incorporated on February 4, 1941.

The first USO facility was opened in DeRidder, Louisiana, and more USO centers and clubs soon followed around the world. USO clubs played the role of “a home away from home” for American soldiers. They were places where GIs would come for music and movies, for dances and social events, for a quiet place to write a letter home or talk, or for a free cup of coffee. The USO also brought volunteer entertainers and even Hollywood celebrities to perform in front of the troops and boost their morale.

The USO was disbanded in 1947, but it was reinstated four years later, when the United States entered the Korean War. During the Vietnam War, the first USO club opened in Saigon before the arrival of the first combat troops.

Most people associate the USO with entertainment, but the organization provides other services to American service members and their families before, during, and after deployment. Some of its programs and services include:

  • USO Reading Program: a program that allows service members to record themselves reading a book and send the recording to their kids at home.
  • USO Special Delivery: baby showers for pregnant military spouses and expectant service members.
  • USO Coffee Connections: gatherings for military spouses that help them connect and make new friends in a comfortable setting.
  • USO2GO: customizable kits for service members stationed in remote locations; they can include items such as toiletries, comfort foods, electronics, books, games, furniture, and anything else service members might need.
  • USO Care Package Program: snack and toiletry care packages for service members.
  • USO Gaming: gaming centers and tournaments that give service members an opportunity to recharge, stay connected to their loved ones back home, and bond with each other.

The USO also has special programs and resources that help service members and veterans transition into civilian life.

February 4, 1966 was proclaimed as USO Day by President Lyndon B. Johnson to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the United Service Organization and highlight its importance for the United States Armed Forces. Although it was designed as a one-off observance, it has been celebrated informally ever since.

You can get involved with USO Day by learning more about this organization and what it does (because the USO brings so much more than just entertainment) and showing your support through donating and/or volunteering (since the USO is a non-profit, it relies on donations as the source of funding and on volunteers to help run its programs).

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