National Egg Nog Day Date in the current year: December 24, 2024

National Egg Nog Day National Egg Nog Day is celebrated on December 24. This food day is dedicated to a traditional Christmas beverage made with milk, whipped eggs, and sugar. Spirits such as bourbon, rum, and brandy can be added.

Egg nog is also known as eggnog or egg milk punch. This drink is believed to have originated in England. In the 18th century, English colonists brought it to America. British aristocrats liked to add some Madeira, brandy or sherry into egg nog. Since these drinks were heavily taxed in the English colonies, the colonists used rum instead. After the Revolutionary war, Americans started using domestic bourbon.

Traditional egg nog is typically made with milk (sometimes combined with cream to make a thicker and richer drink), raw eggs, sugar, and spices. Nutmeg and vanilla are common flavorings. Alcoholic egg nog may contain bourbon, brandy, rum, or cognac. The drink can be sprinkled with grated nutmeg or cinnamon, garnished with whipped cream, ice cream, meringue, or mini marshmallows.

To celebrate National Egg Nog Day, treat yourself to some egg nog. Just don't go overboard as egg nog is high in cholesterol and fat and therefore not useful for your health. Besides, consumption of too much alcohol is also not very healthy.

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