National Crab Meat Day Date in the current year: March 9, 2024

National Crab Meat Day March 9 is National Crab Meat Day. There are hundreds of recipes you can use to cook a crab and celebrate this day.

When it comes to cooking crab, you have to buy the best one. Like any other kind of meat, crab is available in different grades. The choice depends only on what kind of crab it comes from. There are some special terms of crab meat you have to know to chose the best product. The largest pieces of crab are called colossal and various lumps. These pieces of meat come from muscles connected to the back swimming legs. Lumps are great for cooking crab cocktails, crab cakes and different dishes where crab meat is baked.

Backfin crab meat comes from the body cavity. Use it for cooking pasta, risotto, gazpacho or eggs Benedict with crab meat. Claw meat is darker than body crab meat, but at the same time it is more flavorful, that is why it is used in many seasoned dishes. Claw meat will preserve it's flavor in soups, crab cakes, tacos and fish stew.

What should you cook to celebrate National Crab Meat Day? We recommend you a crab cake, that is truly American dish. Enjoy your cake and don't get crabby if something goes wrong.

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