National Lipid Day Date in the current year: May 10, 2024

National Lipid Day National Lipid Day is observed annually on May 10. It was created to raise awareness of dyslipidemia, a condition characterized by abnormal level of lipids in the blood, and encourage people to monitor their blood lipid levels in order to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Lipids are a broad group of molecules which includes triglycerides (fats) and fatty acids, fat-soluble vitamins, sterols, waxes, and others. They have a number of important biological functions, which include energy storage, signaling, and acting as structural components of biological membranes. In other words, lipids are essential for our health. However, too much of them can have a negative impact on your body.

A health condition that involves abnormal levels of lipids in the blood is called dyslipidemia. The most common type of dyslipidemia in developed countries is hyperlipidimia, i.e. abnormally high levels of any or all types of lipids (cholesterol, triglycerides or both) or lipoproteins in the blood. Hyperlipidemia is a risk factor for the development of cardiovascular disease because it causes predisposition to atherosclerosis.

Risk factors for developing dyslipidemia include a family history of the condition, an unhealthy diet with high amounts of “bad” fats and simple carbs, a sedentary lifestyle, obesity, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, arterial hypertension, and certain health conditions (diabetes mellitus, chronic kidney disease, COPD, inflammatory bowel disease, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and some other disorders). The most common causes of dyslipidemia in developed countries are diet and lifestyle.

Dyslipidemia does not necessarily require taking medications to lower lipid levels, but this doesn’t mean that you should do nothing about it at all. Lifestyle changes are highly recommended to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. They include eating healthier (make sure your diet includes enough healthy fats), quitting smoking, getting enough exercise, and managing the underlying condition if there is one.

National Lipid Day was launched in 2015 by Sanjay Suri and Kunjan Singh on behalf of the pharmaceutical company Cadila Healthcare (known as Zydus Lifesciences since 2022). The main goal of this awareness day is to educate the general public on the causes and dangers of dyslipidemia and encourage people to monitor their lipid levels if they’re at risk of developing dyslipidemia.

There are many ways to observe National Lipid Day. You can learn more about dyslipidemia and its health effects, have your blood lipid levels checked, make a resolution to live healthier (and actually stick to it), and spread the world on social media using the hashtags #NationalLipidDay and #LipidDay.

National Lipid Day is not the only observances that focuses on lipids and health risks associated with them. For example, National Triglycerides Day is observed annually on March 28. Its was created to encourage people to keep their triglyceride levels in check and lead a healthier lifestyle in order to prevent life-threatening cardiovascular conditions.

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