National Latte Day Date in the current year: February 11, 2024

National Latte Day Some people like their coffee black, and some think that a little (or a lot of) milk makes it better. If you belong to the latter category, you should celebrate National Latte Day on February 11.

Caffè e latte or caffè latte, commonly shortened as just latte outside Italy, is a coffee drink that consists of espresso and steamed milk. It is somewhat similar to cappuccino, the main difference between the two beverages being that cappuccino has a thick layer of milk foam on top and is served in smaller cups than latte.

In Europe, it has been common to add milk to coffee since at least the 17th century. In most European countries, the beverage is simply called “coffee with milk” in the native language: caffè e latte in Italian, Milchkaffee in German, café au lait in French, café con leche in Spanish, etc.

Italians typically prepare caffè e latte at home for breakfast. They brew coffee in a moka pot, pour it into a cup with heated milk, and sometimes add sugar to taste. You won’t find caffè e latte in most Italian cafés and coffee shops, and if you try ordering “a latte”, you will get a glass of milk because that’s what the word latte means in Italian.

Outside Italy, however, the term “latte” has come to mean an espresso-based beverage with milk, although some countries have adopted the French term café au lait instead. Moreover, drinks with another beverage base that contain milk are also called latte: chai latte, matcha latte, rooibos latte, and even turmeric latte. A variation of the latte with an emphasis on milk rather than coffee is called latte macchiato, and a coffee beverage that incorporates chocolate in addition to espresso and milk is known as caffè mocha or mocaccino.

The latte became a standard drink in American coffee shops in the second half of the 20th century. It is typically prepared in an 8 oz (240 ml) cup or glass with a standard or double shot of espresso, steamed milk, and a thin layer of milk foam on top. Plant-based milk (usually soy or oat) can be used instead of cow milk; these alternatives are popular among vegans and lactose-intolerant individuals. In the United States, the latte is usually very sweet. 

Lattes can be iced; in such a case, they are prepared by pouring espresso and chilled milk over ice. Iced lattes lack foam but can have various syrups added as sweeteners and flavorings. They are sometimes served blended with ice rather than simply poured over it.

National Latte Day was established in 2019 by Jefferson’s Coffee, a Hoboken-based coffee shop. The best way to celebrate this amazing holiday is, of course, to head out to your favorite coffee shop and order a latte. Some coffee shops offer special discounts and promotions on the occasion of National Latte Day – don’t miss out on these offers! And don’t forget to tip your barista a little bit extra.

You can also make yourself a latte at home just like Italians do, sign up for a latte art class, and share photos of your delicious latte on social media with the hashtags #NationalLatteDay and #LatteDay to raise awareness about the holiday.

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