National Beer Lovers Day Date in the current year: September 7, 2024

National Beer Lovers Day If you love beer, September 7 is your day! National Beer Lovers Day, also spelled National Beer Lover’s Day, is an unofficial annual holiday celebrating one of the most popular alcoholic drinks, people who brew beer, and, of course, everyone who enjoys it!

Beer is one of the oldest alcoholic drinks known to humanity. It is produced by the brewing and fermentation of natural sources of starch, most commonly cereal grains. Beer is typically made from malted barley, although other grains such as wheat, corn, oats and rice are also used. Less common starch sources include agave, cassava root, millet, and sorghum. Three other basic ingredients required to brew beer are water, brewer’s yeast, and hops.

The two main beer types are ales and lagers. Ales are brewed using warm fermentation, and lagers are brewed at low temperatures. Each category includes numerous varieties. For example, popular varieties of ale include brown ale, pale ale, India pale ale, golden ale, Scotch ale, barley wine, old ale, Belgian ale, etc. Lagers are typically divided into amber, dark, and pale; each variations has many styles.

Given the popularity of beer, it is not surprising that there are a lot of beer-inspired holidays, including National Beer Lovers Day. It is unknown who invented it or why it is celebrated in September, but do you really need an explanation to celebrate this amazing holiday?

There are a lot of ways to observe National Beer Lovers Day. The easiest one would be going out for a couple of beers or even staying in and enjoying your favorite beer at home. But if you really want to pay homage to this beloved beverage, we recommend that you explore more creative options:

  • Go on a pub crawl: it’s a perfect excuse to visit all your favorite bars and discover new ones along the way. Just don’t drink more than one beer in each bar.
  • Book a tour around your local brewery or a beer tasting.
  • Support your local craft beer producer by sampling as many of their beers as you can.
  • Read a book or watch a documentary about beer and brewing to learn new and exciting facts.
  • Buy a beer making kit and try brewing your own beer.
  • Participate in a pub quiz.
  • Try beer ice cream.
  • Use beer in cooking; it adds a rich flavor to soups, stews, roast meat and even desserts.
  • Buy a nice beer glass, bottle opener, set of coasters, hoodie or T-shirt with the logo of your favorite brewery, or other beer-inspired merchandise.

And don’t forget to invite your friends along because any beer-related activity is more fun when you do it with other people. Snap lots of photos and share them on social media with the hashtags #BeerLoversDay and #NationalBeerLoversDay to spread the word about the holiday and encourage others to celebrate.

National Beer Lovers Day isn’t the only holiday that beer lovers can celebrate. In fact, the list of beer-related holidays is very extensive. It includes, for example, Beer Day in Iceland (March 1); National Beer Day in the United States (April 7), preceded by New Beer’s Eve; German Beer Day (April 23); Beer Day Britain in the United Kingdom (June 15); National India Pale Ale Day (August 4); International Beer Day (August 5); National American Beer Day (October 27). You can celebrate all of them, as long as you remember to drink responsibly.

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