National Cherry Tart Day Date in the current year: June 18, 2024

National Cherry Tart Day June 18 is National Cherry Tart Day. Although cherries grow on almost all continents, they have short season. That is why bake cherry tart with fresh cherries, while they are available.

You can use frozen and preserved cherries for you tart, but they won't taste as good as fresh ones. So start pitting cherries for making the best cherry tart!

Did you know that National Cherry Festival held in Michigan was the predecessor of National Cherry Tart Day? As far as usage of cherries in cooking was quite limited, the common dish was cherry tart with crust bottom and sweet filling.

Tart is alike to pie, flan and quiche and these terms overlap. Pie is more common for America, while tart is French invention. And if you make a savory tart, than you get quiche. Anyway, if you omit the top crust of your pie, you will have a tart!

The best thing about the tart is that all fruit are preserved in an appealing crusty pastry shell. Enjoy a piece or two of homemade cherry tart with ice cream or custard. They make the tangy cherry taste sweeter.

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