National Pizza Party Day Date in the current year: May 17, 2024

National Pizza Party Day Pizza is the ultimate party food because it’s delicious, convenient to serve and eat, and comes in so many different varieties that it’s easy to find a pizza for everyone (there’s even gluten-free pizza, so literally for everyone). If you agree with this statement, you absolutely should celebrate National Pizza Party Day on the third Friday of May.

Having originated in Italy centuries ago, pizza is one of the favorite foods in many countries across the world. Over the past several decades, it has become a popular party food for a number of reasons.

First of all, for many people pizza is a comfort food the taste and smell of which trigger positive memories because they are associated with family gatherings, spending time with friends, and various fun events. Pizza is also a meal that appeals to a wide demographic, from kids to senior people.

Second, pizza comes in many varieties with all kinds of toppings, which makes it easier to cater to people with different tastes and dietary restrictions. You can order vegetarian and vegan pizza, kosher and halal pizza, and even pizza with a gluten free crust. Sure, some types of pizza are harder to come by than others, but still, there are more options than with many other food types.

Third, the logistics of serving pizza to a large number of people is relatively simple. You typically know how many slices a pizza has, so it is easy to figure out how many pizzas you need to order or cook for a certain number of people.

In addition, eating pizza does not require cutlery, and it doesn’t have to be eaten at the table. Due to this, your pizza party can be as informal as you want, and the clean-up afterwards is easy. Finally, pizza is affordable and cost-effective.

It is unclear who first came up with the idea of celebrating National Pizza Party Day, but is it really that important? What matter is that the existence of this holiday is the perfect excuse to throw a pizza party (in case you need an excuse).

You can celebrate National Pizza Party Day by inviting your friends to hang out at your favorite pizza place, throwing a pizza party at home and getting pizza delivered, or cooking homemade pizza with various toppings from scratch (you can even make a friendly competition out of it if your friend group is the kind that can keep a competition friendly).

Another fun way to celebrate the holiday is to do a “pizza crawl”. Get your friends together and visit every pizzeria in town to find out which one serves the best pizza. You can even make a spreadsheet to rank each establishment and figure out the best one! Just make sure to eat no more than one slice at each place to prevent getting full halfway through your pizza crawl and order the same kind of pizza every time to keep the conditions of your pizza experiment as consistent as possible.

And, of course, don’t forget to share photos of your pizza party or pizza crawl on social media with the hashtag #NationalPizzaPartyDay or #PizzaPartyDay to promote the holiday and encourage other people to celebrate the best party food ever.

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