National Pet Day Date in the current year: April 11, 2024

National Pet Day If you have a pet, don’t forget to buy them a treat on National Pet Day observed on April 11. And if you don’t have one, this holiday is a perfect occasion to adopt a pet from an animal shelter.

National Pet Day was founded in 2006 by Colleen Paige, one of America’s leading Pet & Family Lifestyle Experts. Her main goal was to raise awareness about the plight of animals in shelters and rescues across the globe. National Pet Day is also a great occasion to celebrate the joy pets bring to people’s lives.

The best way to celebrate National Pet Day is adopting a pet from a shelter or pure breed rescue organization. If you can’t adopt for some reason (for example, you already have a pet or your landlords doesn’t allow pets), there are other ways for you to participate. You can volunteer at your local shelter, support an animal welfare organization by donating, buy your pet a treat or a new toy, or throw a National Pet Day party.

Along with National Pet Day, Paige has launched other animal-related holidays and awareness campaigns such as National Dog Day, National Cat Day, National Puppy Day, National Black Dog Day, National Horse Protection Day, National Mutt Day, National Wildlife Day, and National Walk Your Dog Week.

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