National Beach Day Date in the current year: August 30, 2024

National Beach Day August 30, the penultimate day of summer, is National Beach Day in the United States. It celebrates the beauty of beaches, as well as encourages people to participate in beach clean-up parties to help save wildlife.

National Beach Day was created by Colleen Paige, a Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert, animal behaviorist, author, photographer, and interior designer. She has created a plethora of philanthropic holidays that promote animal welfare and environmental awareness, including National Dog Day, National Cat Day, National Puppy Day, National Horse Protection Day, National Mutt Day, and many more.

Paige spent most of her childhood in sunny Southern California, and, naturally, she hung out at local beaches a lot. In 2009, she came across a baby pelican that was dying from starvation because of fishing line wrapped around its beak and wing. Having freed the bird, Paige came up with the idea to create a day that would raise awareness of the plight of sea animals and birds due to the deadly trash people leave on beaches.

Every day, thousands of beach/sea animals and birds are injured and even killed by plastic bags, aluminum cans, discarded fishing line, and other trash left on beaches. And very few people realize that it is in fact very easy to prevent the slow and painful death of these innocent animals. All you need to do is not leave any trash on beaches! Easy, isn’t it?

On National Beach Day, thousands of people across the United States and abroad participate in beach BBQ clean-ups. In addition, environmental organizations hold awareness events to emphasize the importance of protecting sea animals and birds worldwide.

Although National Beach Day originated in the United States, you can celebrate it regardless of where you live because environmental protection is relevant everywhere. Hopefully, someday there will be no need to organize National Beach Day clean-up parties because people will stop leaving trash, but until then, everyone who loves beaches and cares for wildlife should consider participating in them.

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