Christmas Date in the current year: December 25, 2018

Christmas December 25 is Christmas Day, that is observed by Christians and even non-Christians. This holiday has different names (Noël, Xmax, Yule, Nativity) and it unites billions of people around the world in a religious and cultural celebration.

There are numerous celebratory customs that differ from country to country. It is a special mix of pre-Chrisitan, Christian and secular themes and origins. Gift giving, completing Advent calendar, caroling, church services, special meal and Christmas decorations are the most common modern customs. Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas, Christkind and Father Christmas are closely related to Christmas and often interchangeable figures who bring presents and gifts to children during the Christmas season.

Christmas is first of all a religious holiday and Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Attendance of church service is the most important and popular tradition. Christmas trees decorating derives from the religious custom that appeared in the 15th century in London. It stated that every house had to be decorated at Christmas with hold, ivy, bays and whatsoever the season of the year afforded to be green.

Traditional Christmas colors are red, green and gold. Red symbolizes the blood of Jesus, green stands for eternal life and gold is for one of the three gifts of the Magi.

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