National Intern Day in the United States Date in the current year: July 25, 2024

National Intern Day in the United States National Intern Day in the United States is celebrated on the last Thursday of July. Its main goal is to encourage employers to recognize, empower and celebrate interns.

An internship is a period of work experience offered by a business, non-profit organization or government agency for a limited period of time, usually one to four months. For students and recent graduates, an internship is a great way to gain relevant skills and experience. Employers benefit from internships because they often recruit employees from the best interns, saving time and money on the employment process.

Internships may be part-time or full-time, unpaid, paid or partially-paid. Typically, employers don’t search for interns themselves. Instead, they resort to third-party organizations that recruit interns on their behalf. It was one of such companies, WayUp, that initiated National Intern Day in 2017.

National Intern Day is dedicated to celebrating the hard work of interns and their meaningful contributions. Any company can participate by celebrating their interns in different ways, from treating them to a free lunch to organizing a mentorship session. In fact, they can do anything that feels right for their company to make their interns feel appreciated.

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