National Café au Lait Day Date in the current year: February 17, 2019

National Café au Lait Day February 17 is National Café au Lait Day, that is French for coffee with milk. Celebrate this holiday with a cup of perfect café au lait.

Don't confuse café au lait and caffè latte. The drinks are the same, but the terms are used to indicate the way coffee has been served. French version of a drink is served in a white porcelain cup, and Italian caffè latte is served in a kitchen glass, but both of them are made in the espresso machine with hot milk added.

You can find different recipes of coffee with milk in Europe. It comes under different names, but the drink is always the same. The exception to the rule is the café renversé (reverse coffee in English), that is popular in the French-speaking areas of Switzerland. This coffee is made by using milk as a base and adding espresso, while classic café au lait is made by adding hot milk to hot coffee.

If you like bitter taste of coffee, then try New Orleans' style. Café au lait in New Orleans is made with milk and coffee mixed with chicory. Chicory root gives the drink a strong and bitter taste. Also New Orleans’ café au lait is made with scalded milk rather than steamed milk.

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