Anniversaries and Memorial Days

01.01Flag Day in LithuaniaLithuania
03.01Memorial Day of the Fallen in Estonian Liberation WarEstonia
04.01Colonial Repression Martyrs' Day in AngolaAngola
04.01Ogoni DayNigeria
06.01Pathet Lao Day in LaosLaos
07.01Tricolor Day in ItalyItaly
08.01Kim Jong-un's Birthday in North KoreaNorth Korea
09.01Međimurje Secession Day in CroatiaCroatia
10.01Margaret Thatcher Day in the Falkland IslandsFalkland Islands
11.01Republic Day in AlbaniaAlbania
11.01Kosrae Constitution Day in MicronesiaMicronesia
12.01Memorial Day in TurkmenistanTurkmenistan
12.01Zanzibar Revolution Day in TanzaniaTanzania
13.01Stephen Forster Memorial DayUSA
13.01Freedom Defenders Day in LithuaniaLithuania
14.01Day of the State Flag in GeorgiaGeorgia
14.01Ratification Day in the USAUSA
14.01Yang di-Pertuan Besar of Negeri Sembilan’s Birthday in MalaysiaMalaysia
15.01Armed Forces Day in NigeriaNigeria
15.01Ocean Duty Day in IndonesiaIndonesia
15.01International Recognition Day in CroatiaCroatia
16.01National Religious Freedom Day in the USAUSA
18.01Revolution Day in TunisiaTunisia
18.01Foundation Day of Lima in PeruPeru
19.01Sultan of Kedah’s Birthday in MalaysiaMalaysia
20.01Martyr's Day in AzerbaijanAzerbaijan
20.01Commemoration Day of Defenders of the Barricades in LatviaLatvia
20.01Robert E. Lee DayUSA
21.01Birthday of Princess Ingrid Alexandra of NorwayNorway
21.01Lincoln Alexander Day in CanadaCanada
21.01Flag Day in QuebecCanada
22.01Unity Day in UkraineUkraine
23.01World Freedom Day in TaiwanTaiwan
23.01Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Jayanti in IndiaIndia
24.01Unification Day in RomaniaRomania
25.01Tatiana Day in RussiaRussia
25.01Robert Burns Day in ScotlandUnited Kingdom
25.01Food and Nutrition Day in IndonesiaIndonesia
26.01Day of the International Recognition of LatviaLatvia
26.01Auschwitz Liberation Day in the NetherlandsNetherlands
27.01Day of Lifting of the Siege of Leningrad in RussiaRussia
28.01International Mobilization Day against Nuclear War
28.01Name Day of King Carl XVI Gustaf of SwedenSweden
29.01International Mobilization Day against Nuclear War
30.01Martyr's Day in IndiaIndia
30.01Fred Korematsu Day in the United StatesUSA
01.02National Freedom Day in the USAUSA
01.02Memorial Day of the Republic in HungaryHungary
02.02Constitution Day in the PhilippinesPhilippines
02.02Victory in the Battle of Stalingrad in RussiaRussia
02.02Battle of Mysunde Day in DenmarkDenmark
03.02Four Chaplains Day in the USAUSA
03.02Communist Party of Vietnam Foundation AnniversaryVietnam
03.02Veterans' Day in ThailandThailand
04.02Rosa Parks DayUSA
05.02Birthday of Johan Ludvig Runeberg in FinlandFinland
05.02Birthday of Mary, Crown Princess of DenmarkDenmark
06.02Birthday of Princess Marie of DenmarkDenmark
06.02Ronald Reagan DayUSA
07.02National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness DayUSA
07.02Northern Territories Day in JapanJapan
10.02National Memorial Day of the Exiles and Foibe in ItalyItaly
10.02Fenkil Day in EritreaEritrea
11.02Governor Evelio B. Javier Day in the PhilippinesPhilippines
12.02Memorial Day of 1990 Dushanbe Riots in TajikistanTajikistan
12.02Lincoln's BirthdayUSA
12.02National Freedom to Marry Day in the USAUSA
14.02Generalissimo Day in North KoreaNorth Korea
15.02Memorial Day of Warriors-InternationalistsUkraine, Belarus, Russia
15.02National Flag of Canada DayCanada
15.02Total Defense Day in SingaporeSingapore
15.02Susan B. Anthony DayUSA
16.02Archbishop Janani Luwum Memorial Day in UgandaUganda
18.02Democracy Day in Nepal (Prajatantra Diwas)Nepal
19.02Vasil Levski Day in BulgariaBulgaria
19.02Brâncuși Day in RomaniaRomania
20.02Heavenly Hundred Remembrance Day in UkraineUkraine
20.02Battle of Salta Day in ArgentinaArgentina
21.02Birthday of King Harald V of NorwayNorway
22.02Crime Victims Day in PolandPoland
24.02Flag Day in MexicoMexico
25.02Soviet Occupation Day in GeorgiaGeorgia
25.02Memorial Day for the Victims of the Communist Dictatorships in HungaryHungary
25.02People Power Day in the PhilippinesPhilippines
26.02Day of Remembrance for Victims of Khojaly Massacre in AzerbaijanAzerbaijan
28.02Day of Remembrance for Victims of Massacres in ArmeniaArmenia
28.02Andalusia Day in SpainSpain
28.02Kalevala Day (Finnish Culture Day) in FinlandFinland
01.03Doomed Soldiers Memorial Day in PolandPoland
01.03Nuclear Victims Remembrance Day in the Marshall IslandsMarshall Islands
01.03Bikini Day in JapanJapan
01.03Republic Day in NeuchâtelSwitzerland
01.03Mustafa Barzani Memorial Day in Iraqi KurdistanIraq
02.03U. S. Citizenship Day in Puerto RicoPuerto Rico
05.03Learn from Lei Feng Day in ChinaChina
05.031991 Rebellion Anniversary in Iraqi KurdistanIraq
06.03European Day of the RighteousEuropean Union
07.03Alexander Graham Bell DayCanada
10.03Holocaust Remembrance Day in BulgariaBulgaria
10.03Tibetan Uprising Day
10.03National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day in the USAUSA
10.03Harriet Tubman DayUSA
12.03Renovation Day in GabonGabon
12.03Name Day of Victoria, Crown Princess of SwedenSweden
15.03Constitution Day in BelarusBelarus
16.03Latvian Legion DayLatvia
18.03Gallipoli Memorial Day in TurkeyTurkey
18.03Anniversary of the Oil Expropriation in MexicoMexico
19.03Equality Day in FinlandFinland
20.03Kirkuk Liberation Day in Iraqi KurdistanIraq
22.03Day of the Lao People's Revolutionary PartyLaos
23.03Day of the Sea in BoliviaBolivia
24.03National Life Day in PolandPoland
25.03Memorial Day for the Victims of Communist Terror in LatviaLatvia
25.03Struggle for Human Rights Day in SlovakiaSlovakia
26.03Prince Kūhiō Day in HawaiiUSA
28.03Serf Emancipation Day in TibetChina
29.03Youth Day in TaiwanTaiwan
29.03National Vietnam War Veterans Day in the USAUSA
31.03Day of Genocide of Azerbaijanis in AzerbaijanAzerbaijan
31.03King Nangklao Memorial Day in ThailandThailand
31.03Cesar Chavez Day in the USAUSA
01.04Civil Service Day in ThailandThailand
05.04Babu Jagjivan Ram's Birthday in IndiaIndia
05.04Education and Sharing DayUSA
07.04National Flag Day in SloveniaSlovenia
09.04Day of National Unity in GeorgiaGeorgia
09.04Anniversary of the German Invasion of DenmarkDenmark
09.04Vimy Ridge Day in CanadaCanada
09.04National Former Prisoner of War Recognition Day in the USAUSA
09.04Liberation Day in Iraqi KurdistanIraq
11.04Day of Nazi Concentration Camps Prisoners Liberation
12.04Anniversary of the Easter Rising in IrelandIreland
12.04National Redemption Day in LiberiaLiberia
13.04Thomas Jefferson's BirthdayUSA
13.04World's Day of Remembrance for Victims of Katyn MassacrePoland
13.04Unfairly Prosecuted Persons Day in SlovakiaSlovakia
14.04Ambedkar Jayanti in IndiaIndia
14.04Anfal Genocide Memorial DayIraq
15.04Father Damien Day in HawaiiUSA
16.04Lawyers' Day in BulgariaBulgaria
16.04Birthday of Queen Margrethe II of DenmarkDenmark
16.04Remembrance of Chemical Attack on Balisan and Sheikh Wasan in Iraqi KurdistanIraq
16.04Memorial Day for the Victims of the Holocaust in HungaryHungary
18.04Battle on the Ice Day in RussiaRussia
18.04Battle of Dybbøl Day in DenmarkDenmark
18.04Ukrainian Red Cross Society Founding DayUkraine
19.04Dutch-American Friendship DayUSA
19.04Primrose Day in the UKUnited Kingdom
19.04Day of Adoption of Crimea, Taman and Kuban into the Russian EmpireRussia
21.04Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day)Israel
21.04Queen's Birthday in the UK (Flag Day)United Kingdom, Falkland Islands
21.04Kartini Day in IndonesiaIndonesia
21.04Heroic Defense of Veracruz in MexicoMexico
21.04Kang Pan-sok’s Birthday in North KoreaNorth Korea
21.04Rome Foundation DayItaly
22.04Discovery Day in BrazilBrazil
22.04Holocaust Remembrance Day in SerbiaSerbia
24.04Armenian Genocide Remembrance DayArmenia
25.04Parental Alienation Awareness DayBermuda, Canada, USA
25.04Anniversary of the First Cabinet of the Kurdish GovernmentIraq
26.04Day of Remembrance of the Chernobyl TragedyBelarus, Russia, Ukraine
26.04Lesbian Visibility Day
27.04Day of Russian ParliamentarismRussia
27.04National Veterans' Day in FinlandFinland
28.04Day for Safety and Health at Work in PolandPoland
28.04Yom Hazikaron (Memorial Day)Israel
28.04Restoration of Sovereignty Day in JapanJapan
28.04National Day of Mourning in CanadaCanada
29.04Birthday of Princess Benedikte of DenmarkDenmark
30.04King's Birthday in SwedenSweden
30.04National Persian Gulf Day in IranIran
30.04Consumer Protection Day in ThailandThailand
30.04Martyrs Day in PakistanPakistan
01.05Loyalty Day in the USAUSA
01.05Law Day in the USAUSA
02.05Day of MadridSpain
04.05Youth Day in China / Literary Day in TaiwanChina, Taiwan
04.05Remembrance of the Dead in the NetherlandsNetherlands
04.05Anniversary of the decease of Milan Rastislav Štefánik in SlovakiaSlovakia
05.05Liberation Day in DenmarkDenmark
05.05Martyrs' Day in AlbaniaAlbania
07.05Radio DayBulgaria, Belarus, Armenia, Russia, Kyrgyzstan
07.05National Day of Prayer in the USAUSA
07.05Lithuanian Press Restoration, Language and Book DayLithuania
07.05Dien Bien Phu Victory Day in VietnamVietnam
08.05Victory in Europe DayCzech Republic, France, French Polynesia, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Mayotte, Martinique, New Caledonia, Reunion, Saint Barthelemy, Saint Martin, Saint Pierre et Miquelon, Slovakia, Wallis and Futuna, USA
08.05Veterans' Day in NorwayNorway
08.05Miguel Hidalgo's Birthday in MexicoMexico
08.05Day of Remembrance and Reconciliation in UkraineUkraine
09.05Victory DayAzerbaijan, Armenia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Serbia, Israel
10.05Independence Day in RomaniaRomania
10.05Book Day in GermanyGermany
11.05Vietnam Human Rights DayUSA
12.05Day of the Finnish IdentityFinland
12.05Army Day in the Republika SrpskaBosnia Herzegovina
13.05Rotuma Day in FijiFiji
14.05Tobacco Fatwa Day in IranIran
15.05Constituent Assembly Day in LithuaniaLithuania
15.05Peace Officers Memorial Day in the USAUSA
15.05International Day of Conscientious Objector
15.05Nakba Day in the State of PalestineState of Palestine
16.05Europe Day in UkraineUkraine
16.05Mass Graves Day in IraqIraq
17.05Day of Remembrance for the Victims of Political Repressions in Ukraine
17.05Memorial Day for the War Dead in FinlandFinland
18.05Somaliland Independence DaySomalia
19.05Hồ Chí Minh's Birthday in VietnamVietnam
19.05Greek Genocide Remembrance DayGreece
19.05Remembrance Day in Sri LankaSri Lanka
19.05Malcolm X DayUSA
20.05National Awakening Day in IndonesiaIndonesia
21.05Day of Patriots and Military in HungaryHungary
22.05Republic Day in Sri LankaSri Lanka
25.05National Missing Children's Day in the USAUSA
26.05Battle of Sardarabad Day in ArmeniaArmenia
26.05National Sorry Day in AustraliaAustralia
26.05Birthday of Frederik, Crown Prince of DenmarkDenmark
28.05National Flag Day in the PhilippinesPhilippines
29.05Conquest of Istanbul DayTurkey
29.05Veterans Day in SwedenSweden
30.05Lod Massacre Remembrance Day in Puerto RicoPuerto Rico
31.05Remembrance Day of the Victims of Political Repressions and Famine in KazakhstanKazakhstan
01.06Victory Day in TunisiaTunisia
01.06Pancasila Day in IndonesiaIndonesia
02.06Day of Hristo Botev in BulgariaBulgaria
02.06Decoration Day in CanadaCanada
03.06Mabo Day in AustraliaAustralia
03.06Opium Suppression Movement Day in TaiwanTaiwan
03.06Independence Declaration Day in MontenegroMontenegro
04.06Day of State Symbols in KazakhstanKazakhstan
04.06Flag Day in EstoniaEstonia
04.06Birthday of Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim in FinlandFinland
04.06National Unity Day in HungaryHungary
04.06Tiananmen Square Protests of 1989 Memorial Day
04.06Freedom and Civil Rights Day in PolandPoland
05.06Indian Arrival Day in SurinameSuriname
06.06Memorial Day in South KoreaSouth Korea
06.06D-Day in France: Normandy Landing of the Allied Expeditionary ForcesFrance
07.06Union Dissolution Day in NorwayNorway
07.06Birthday of Prince Joachim of DenmarkDenmark
07.06Anniversary of the Memorandum of the Slovak NationSlovakia
07.06Flag Day in PeruPeru
07.06Croatian Diplomacy DayCroatia
08.06Primož Trubar Day in SloveniaSlovenia
11.06Birthday of Henrik, Prince Consort of DenmarkDenmark
11.06Brazilian Navy Commemoration DayBrazil
11.06William Davis Miners' Memorial DayCanada
13.06Sulaymaniyah City Fallen and Martyrs Day in Iraqi KurdistanIraq
14.06Flag Day in the USAUSA
14.06Memorial Day for the Victims of Repression in ArmeniaArmenia
14.06Day of Mourning in the Baltic CountriesLatvia, Estonia, Lithuania
14.06National Day of Remembrance for the Victims of the Nazi German Concentration and Death CampsPoland
14.06U.S. Army’s BirthdayUSA
15.06National Flag Day in ArmeniaArmenia
15.06Day of Valdemar and Reunion Day in DenmarkDenmark
17.06Occupation of the Latvian Republic Day in LatviaLatvia
18.06Waterloo Day in the UKUnited Kingdom
18.06Evacuation Day in EgyptEgypt
19.06Kim Jong-il's entry to the WPK Central Committee in North KoreaNorth Korea
19.06Day of Independent HungaryHungary
20.06Day of the Finnish FlagFinland
21.06Day of ReflectionUnited Kingdom, Ireland
22.06Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Great Patriotic WarRussia, Ukraine, Belarus
22.06Heroes' Remembrance Day in LatviaLatvia
23.06National Day of Remembrance for Victims of Terrorism in CanadaCanada
23.06Jura Independence Day in SwitzerlandSwitzerland
24.06Bannockburn Day in ScotlandUnited Kingdom
24.06National Day of QuebecCanada
26.06National Flag Day in RomaniaRomania
26.06Sunthorn Phu Day in ThailandThailand
26.06President’s Birthday in IcelandIceland
26.06Crimean Tatar Flag DayUkraine
27.06Armed Forces Day in the UKUnited Kingdom
27.06Commemoration Day for the Victims of the Communist Regime in the Czech RepublicCzech Republic
27.06Veterans' Day in the NetherlandsNetherlands
27.06National HIV Testing Day in the USAUSA
27.06Helen Keller Day in the USAUSA
29.06Day of Partisans and Underground Resistance in RussiaRussia
29.06MIA Azatamartik Remembrance Day in ArmeniaArmenia
01.07July Morning in BulgariaBulgaria
04.07Day of Remembrance of Jewish Genocide in LatviaLatvia
04.07Birthday of Queen Sonja of NorwayNorway
04.07Filipino-American Friendship DayPhilippines
06.07Birthday of Eino Leino in FinlandFinland
06.07Birthday of the First President of KazakhstanKazakhstan
07.07Battle of Chesma Day in RussiaRussia
09.07Constitution Day in AustraliaAustralia
09.07Nunavut Day in CanadaCanada
10.07Battle of Poltava Day in RussiaRussia
11.07Flemish Community Day in BelgiumBelgium
11.07Eleventh Night in Northern IrelandUnited Kingdom
11.07Srebrenica Genocide Memorial DayBosnia Herzegovina
11.07National Day of Remembrance of Genocide Victims in PolandPoland
12.07National Day of Commemoration in IrelandIreland
12.07The Twelfth in Northern IrelandUnited Kingdom
13.07Kashmir Martyrs’ DayPakistan, India
14.07Birthday of Victoria, Crown Princess of SwedenSweden
15.07Battle of Grunwald DayLithuania, Poland
16.07Manu'a Cession Day in American SamoaAmerican Samoa
16.07Holocaust Remembrance Day in FranceFrance
16.07La Paz Day in BoliviaBolivia
17.07Independence Day in SlovakiaSlovakia
20.07Birthday of Haakon, Crown Prince of NorwayNorway
24.07Simón Bolívar DayVenezuela, Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia
24.07Guayaquil Day in EcuadorEcuador
25.07National Day of Galicia
26.07Kargil Victory Day in IndiaIndia
26.07Day of National Significance in BarbadosBarbados
27.07Remembrance Day in VietnamVietnam
27.07Iglesia ni Cristo Day in the PhilippinesPhilippines
27.07José Celso Barbosa Day in Puerto RicoPuerto Rico
27.07National Korean War Veterans Armistice DayUSA
28.07Day of Baptism of RusRussia, Ukraine
28.07A Day of Commemoration of the Great UpheavalCanada
29.07Saint Olaf's DayNorway, Faeroe Islands
29.07National Anthem Day in RomaniaRomania
29.07Constitution Day in MoldovaMoldova
30.07Day of the Martyrs of the Revolution in CubaCuba
31.07Warriors' Day in MalaysiaMalaysia
31.07Flag Day in HawaiiUSA
31.07Martyrdom Day of Shaheed Udham Singh in IndiaIndia
01.08Memorial Day for the Victims of World War I in RussiaRussia
01.08Warsaw Uprising Memorial Day in PolandPoland
01.08Minden DayUnited Kingdom
01.08Victory Day in Laos and CambodiaCambodia, Laos
02.08Genocide Remembrance Day of the Roma and Sinti in PolandPoland
03.08San Salvador DayEl Salvador
04.08Revolution Day in Burkina FasoBurkina Faso
04.08Matica Slovenská Day in SlovakiaSlovakia
06.08Hiroshima Peace Memorial CeremonyJapan
06.08Constitution Day in IranIran
07.08Assyrian Martyrs Day
08.08Augsburg Peace Festival in GermanyGermany
08.08Name Day of Queen SilviaSweden
08.08Ceasefire Day in IraqIraq
09.08Battle of Gangut Day in RussiaRussia
09.08Nagasaki Peace Memorial CeremonyJapan
09.08National Peacekeepers' Day in CanadaCanada
10.08National Veterans Day in IndonesiaIndonesia
11.08Latvian Freedom Fighters' Remembrance DayLatvia
11.08Flag Day in PakistanPakistan
12.08Didgoroba in GeorgiaGeorgia
13.08Lao Issara Day in LaosLaos
14.08Pramuka Day in IndonesiaIndonesia
14.08Victory over Japan Day
14.08Islamic Resistance Day in IranIran
14.08Falklands DayFalkland Islands
15.08Victory over Japan Day
15.08Panama la Vieja DayPanama
15.08National Memorial Service for War Dead in JapanJapan
17.08Prekmurje Union Day in SloveniaSlovenia
17.08Marcus Garvey Day in JamaicaJamaica
17.08Flag Day in BoliviaBolivia
17.08Discovery Day in YukonCanada
18.08Vietnam Veterans’ Day in Australia (Long Tan Day)Australia
18.08Virginia Dare’s Birthday on Roanoke IslandUSA
19.08National Aviation Day in the USAUSA
19.08August Revolution Commemoration Day in VietnamVietnam
19.08Birthday of Mette-Marit, Crown Princess of NorwayNorway
19.08Manuel Luis Quezon Day in the PhilippinesPhilippines
20.08Formation Anniversary of FALINTIL in East TimorEast Timor
21.08Passing of the Constitutional Law on the Status of the Republic of Latvia as a State and Actual Restoration of the Republic of LatviaLatvia
21.08Gospel Day in KosraeMicronesia
22.08Madras Day in Tamil NaduIndia
23.08Victory over Germany in the Battle of Kursk in RussiaRussia
23.08Flag Day in UkraineUkraine
23.08European Day of Remembrance for Victims of Stalinism and NazismEuropean Union
23.08Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Fascism and Communism in RomaniaRomania
25.08Liberation Day of ParisFrance
26.08Women’s Equality DayUSA
26.08Herero Day in NamibiaNamibia
28.08Kingdom Proclamation Day in MontenegroMontenegro
29.08Finnish Nature DayFinland
29.08Day of Remembrance of the Defenders of UkraineUkraine
30.08Grandparents' Day in TaiwanTaiwan
31.08Memorial Day for the Victims of Repression in UzbekistanUzbekistan
31.08Day of Solidarity and Freedom in PolandPoland
31.08North Borneo Self-Government Day in SabahMalaysia
01.09Flag Day in HondurasHonduras
01.09Disaster Prevention Day in Japan
01.09Veterans Day in PolandPoland
01.09Wattle Day in AustraliaAustralia
02.09Anniversary of the End of WWII in RussiaRussia
02.09Victory over Japan Day in the USAUSA
02.09Tibetan Democracy Day
02.09Ceuta Day in SpainSpain
03.09Solidarity Against Terrorism Day in RussiaRussia
03.09Victory over Japan Day in ChinaChina, Hong Kong
03.09Australian National Flag DayAustralia
03.09Independence Day in QatarQatar
03.09Merchant Navy DayCanada, United Kingdom
03.09Levy Mwanawasa Day in ZambiaZambia
03.09Day of Combat Against British Colonialism in IranIran
03.09Jeûne genevoisSwitzerland
05.09Flag-Flying Day for Denmark’s Deployed PersonnelDenmark
06.09Defense Day in PakistanPakistan
08.09Day of the Battle of Borodino in RussiaRussia
08.09Kosrae Liberation Day in MicronesiaMicronesia
08.09Coronation Anniversary of Vytautas the Great in LithuaniaLithuania
09.09Memorial Day for the Victims of the Crimean WarRussia, Ukraine
09.09İzmir Independence Day in TurkeyTurkey
09.09Martyr’s Day in AfghanistanAfghanistan
09.09Day of the Victims of Holocaust and of Racial Violence in SlovakiaSlovakia
11.09Battle of Tendra Day in RussiaRussia
11.09Patriot Day in the USAUSA
11.09Death Anniversary of Muhammad Ali Jinnah in PakistanPakistan
11.09Emergency Number DayUSA
11.09National Day of CataloniaSpain
11.09Pohnpei Liberation Day in MicronesiaMicronesia
12.09Carl Garner Federal Lands Cleanup DayUSA
12.09Ruhnama Day in TurkmenistanTurkmenistan
12.09Saint Patrick's Battalion Remembrance Day in MexicoMexico
12.09Defenders Day in MarylandUSA
13.09Roald Dahl DayUnited Kingdom
13.09National Grandparents' DayUSA
13.09National Grandparents' Day in CanadaCanada
13.09Remembrance Day for Victims of Fascism
13.09Día de los Niños Héroes (Boy Heroes Day) in MexicoMexico
15.09Battle of Britain DayUnited Kingdom
15.09Cry of Dolores in MexicoMexico
15.09Restoration of Primorska to the Motherland Day in SloveniaSlovenia
16.09Owain Glyndŵr Day in WalesUnited Kingdom
17.09Australian Citizenship DayAustralia
17.09Constitution Day (Citizenship Day)USA
17.09Operation Market Garden Anniversary in the NetherlandsNetherlands
17.09Sybirak’s Day in PolandPoland
17.09Patient Safety Day in UkraineUkraine
17.09Marathwada Liberation Day in MaharashtraIndia
17.09Melilla Day in SpainSpain
18.09National POW/MIA Recognition DayUSA
19.09Day of the First Public Appearance of the Slovak National CouncilSlovakia
19.09Von Steuben DayUSA
20.09Sree Narayana Guru Memorial Day in KeralaIndia
21.09Battle of Kulikovo Day in RussiaRussia
21.09Commemoration of the Declaration of Martial Law in the PhilippinesPhilippines
22.09Day of Partisan Glory in UkraineUkraine
22.09Day of the Baltic UnityLatvia, Lithuania
22.09Resistance Fighting Day In EstoniaEstonia
23.09Holocaust Memorial Day in LithuaniaLithuania
23.09Grito de Lares in Puerto RicoPuerto Rico
23.09Chuuk Liberation Day in MicronesiaMicronesia
24.09Mahidol Day in ThailandThailand
25.09National Harki Day in FranceFrance
26.09National Flag Day in EcuadorEcuador
27.09Gold Star Mother's DayUSA
27.09Day of the Polish Underground StatePoland
27.09French Community Day in BelgiumBelgium
27.09End of the Mexican War of IndependenceMexico
28.09National Good Neighbor DayUSA
28.09Dominion Day in New ZealandNew Zealand
28.09National Day of Awareness and Unity against Child Pornography in the PhilippinesPhilippines
30.09Birthday of José María Morelos in MexicoMexico
01.10Pancasila Sanctity Day in IndonesiaIndonesia
01.10Lincolnshire Day in EnglandUnited Kingdom
03.10National Day in Remembrance of the Victims of Immigration in ItalyItaly
04.10Assault on Friedrichstadt Day in DenmarkDenmark
05.10Child Health DayUSA
06.10Dukla Pass Victims Day in SlovakiaSlovakia
06.10Memorial Day for the Martyrs of Arad in HungaryHungary
06.10Anniversary of the Cubana Bombing in CubaCuba
07.10BOL Foundation Day in LaosLaos
08.10Day of the Heroic Guerrilla in CubaCuba
09.10Leif Erikson DayUSA
09.10National Day of Commemorating the Holocaust in RomaniaRomania
10.10Finnish Literature DayFinland
10.10Capital Liberation Day in VietnamVietnam
11.10General Pulaski Memorial DayUSA
12.10No Smoking Day in ArmeniaArmenia
12.10Freethought DayUSA
14.10National Education Day in PolandPoland
14.10Chișinău Day in MoldovaMoldova
15.10White Cane Safety DayUSA
15.10Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance DayUSA, Canada
16.10Death Anniversary of Liaquat Ali Khan in PakistanPakistan
17.10Loyalty Day in ArgentinaArgentina
17.10Anniversary of the Death of Dessalines in HaitiHaiti
17.10Martyrdom of Imam RezaIran
17.10Digital Society Day in IndiaIndia
18.10Persons Day in CanadaCanada
18.10Alaska DayUSA
20.10Belgrade Liberation Day in SerbiaSerbia
21.10Trafalgar Day in the UKUnited Kingdom
21.10Police Commemoration Day in IndiaIndia
21.10National Nurses' Day in ThailandThailand
21.10World War II Serbian Victims Remembrance DaySlovenia
22.10Fechner Day
22.10National Santri Day in IndonesiaIndonesia
24.10Rocket Engineer Remembrance DayRussia, Kazakhstan
25.10Constitution Day in LithuaniaLithuania
25.10Taiwan Retrocession DayTaiwan
25.10Sovereignty Day in SloveniaSlovenia
25.10Day of the Basque CountrySpain
26.10Accession Day in Jammu and KashmirIndia
27.10Černová Tragedy Day in SlovakiaSlovakia
27.10Memorial Day for the Victims of the Armenian Parliament ShootingArmenia
28.10Liberation of Ukraine from Nazi Invaders DayUkraine
28.10Youth Pledge Day in IndonesiaIndonesia
29.10Ľudovít Štúr's Birthday in SlovakiaSlovakia
29.10Serbian Constitutional Referendum AnniversarySerbia
30.10Anniversary of the Declaration of the Slovak NationSlovakia
30.10Day of Remembrance for the Victims of Political Repressions in RussiaRussia
30.10Yitzhak Rabin Memorial DayIsrael
30.10Indonesian Banknote DayIndonesia
30.10Thevar Jayanti
31.10National Unity Day in IndiaIndia
31.10King Father's Birthday in CambodiaCambodia
02.11Dziady (Commemoration of the Dead) in BelarusBelarus
03.11Flag Day in the UAEUnited Arab Emirates
04.11National Unity and Armed Forces Day in ItalyItaly
06.11Finnish Swedish Heritage Day in FinlandFinland
06.11Gustavus Adolphus Day in SwedenSweden
06.11Kanakadasa JayanthiIndia
07.11Anniversary of the 1941 October Revolution Day Parade in RussiaRussia
08.11Day of Remembrance for the Victims of Political Repressions in KyrgyzstanKyrgyzstan
08.11Remembrance Sunday in the UKUnited Kingdom
08.11National Aboriginal Veterans Day in CanadaCanada
08.11Pohnpei Constitution Day in MicronesiaMicronesia
09.11International Day Against Fascism and Antisemitism
09.11Schicksalstag (Fateful Day) in GermanyGermany
09.11World Freedom DayUSA
10.11Remembrance Day for Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in TurkeyTurkey
10.11Heroes' Day in IndonesiaIndonesia
11.11Lāčplēsis Day in LatviaLatvia
12.11Sun Yat-sen's Birthday (Doctor's Day) in TaiwanTaiwan
12.11Journée Nationale Maoré in the ComorosComoros
12.11National Health Day in IndonesiaIndonesia
12.11Birthday of Juana Inés de la Cruz in MexicoMexico
14.11Day of the Colombian WomanColombia
14.11Dobruja Day in RomaniaRomania
15.11German Community Day in BelgiumBelgium
16.11Day of Declaration of Sovereignty in EstoniaEstonia
16.11President’s Day in TajikistanTajikistan
16.11Havana Foundation Anniversary in CubaCuba
17.11National Revival Day in AzerbaijanAzerbaijan
17.11Martyrs’ Day in OdishaIndia
18.11Buß- und Bettag (Day of Repentance and Prayer) in GermanyGermany
18.11Remembrance Day of the Sacrifice of Vukovar in 1991 in CroatiaCroatia
19.11Flag Day in BrazilBrazil
19.11Martyrs’ Day in Uttar PradeshIndia
20.11Anniversary of the wedding of Elizabeth II in the UKUnited Kingdom
20.11Transgender Day of Remembrance
20.1120-N in SpainSpain
20.11Black Awareness Day in BrazilBrazil
21.11Dignity and Freedom Day in UkraineUkraine
23.11Armed Forces Day in LithuaniaLithuania
24.11Martyrdom of Guru Tegh BahadurIndia
25.11Vajiravudh Day in ThailandThailand
25.11Evacuation Day in New York CityUSA
26.11Republic Day in MongoliaMongolia
26.11Unthanksgiving Day / National Day of MourningUSA
26.11Constitution Day in IndiaIndia
27.11Memorial Day for Medical Students in CubaCuba
27.11Great Heroes Day (Maaveerar Naal)Sri Lanka
27.11Lancashire Day in EnglandUnited Kingdom
28.11Remembrance Day for the Victims of Holodomors in UkraineUkraine
30.11Day to Mark the Departure and Expulsion of Jews from the Arab Countries and IranIsrael
01.12Battle of Sinop Day in RussiaRussia
01.12Self-governance Day in IcelandIceland
01.12Damrong Rajanubhab Day in ThailandThailand
01.12Rosa Parks DayUSA
02.12Constitution Day in IranIran
03.12Day of the Unknown Soldier in RussiaRussia
05.12Battle of Moscow Day in RussiaRussia
05.12Discovery Day in Haiti and the Dominican RepublicHaiti, Dominican Republic
06.12Commemoration Day of Victims of Genocide Against the Latvian People by the Totalitarian Communist Regime in LatviaLatvia
06.12National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women in CanadaCanada
06.12Dubrovnik Defenders' Day in CroatiaCroatia
07.12National Pearl Harbor Remembrance DayUSA
07.12Spitak Earthquake Remembrance Day in ArmeniaArmenia
08.12Constitution Day in RomaniaRomania
08.12Day of Finnish MusicFinland
09.12Heroes of Fatherland Day in RussiaRussia
10.12Alfred Nobel DaySweden, Norway
11.12Establishment Anniversary of the Kurdish Women UnionIraq
11.12Sultan of Selangor’s Birthday in MayalsiaMalaysia
12.12Constitution Day in RussiaRussia
13.12Nusantara Day in IndonesiaIndia
13.12Nanking Massacre Memorial DayChina
13.12Martial Law Victims Remembrance Day in PolandPoland
14.12Martyred Intellectuals Day in BangladeshBangladesh
14.12Forty-seven Ronin Remembrance Day in JapanJapan
15.12Kingdom Day in the NetherlandsAruba, Curacao, Netherlands, Sint Maarten, Bonaire, St Eustatius and Saba
15.12Bill of Rights DayUSA
15.12Homecoming Day in AlderneyGuernsey
15.12Greek Operation Victims Remembrance Day
17.12Wright Brothers DayUSA
17.12Pan American Aviation DayUSA
17.12Kurdish Flag DayIraq
19.12Goa Liberation DayIndia
20.12Mourning Day in PanamaPanama
20.12Bo Aung Kyaw Day in MyanmarMyanmar
21.12Saparmurat Niyazov Memorial Day In TurkmenistanTurkmenistan
22.12Forefathers’ Day in PlymouthUSA
23.12Birthday of Queen Silvia in SwedenSweden
23.12Victory Day in EgyptEgypt
23.12Chaudhary Charan Singh’s Birthday in Uttar PradeshIndia
24.12Siege of Izmail Day in RussiaRussia
24.12Yap Constitution Day in MicronesiaMicronesia
25.12Good Governance Day in IndiaIndia
25.12Constitution Day in TaiwanTaiwan
28.12King Taksin Memorial Day in ThailandThailand
29.12Constitution Day in IrelandIreland
30.12Day of the Declaration of Slovakia as an Independent Ecclesiastic ProvinceSlovakia
31.12Restoration Day in GenevaSwitzerland