Anniversaries and Memorial Days

01/12/2024Ukrainian Political Prisoners Day
01/20/2024Day of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea in Ukraine
01/20/2024Day of Remembrance of the Defenders of the Donetsk Airport in Ukraine
01/22/2024Unity Day in Ukraine
02/15/2024Memorial Day of Warriors-Internationalists
02/19/2024Coat of Arms Day in Ukraine
02/20/2024Heavenly Hundred Remembrance Day in Ukraine
02/26/2024Day of Resistance to Occupation of Crimea and Sevastopol in Ukraine
03/10/2024State Anthem Day in Ukraine
04/18/2024Ukrainian Red Cross Society Founding Day
05/14/2024Righteous Among the Nations Remembrance Day in Ukraine
05/18/2024Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Deportation of the Peoples of Crimea
05/19/2024Day of Remembrance for the Victims of Political Repressions in Ukraine
05/23/2024Heroes’ Day in Ukraine
06/04/2024Day of Remembrance of the Children Who Died as a Result of the Russian Federation’s Armed Aggression Against Ukraine
06/22/2024Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Great Patriotic War
06/26/2024Crimean Tatar Flag Day
07/15/2024Day of the Baptism of Rus’
07/28/2024Day of the Baptism of Rus’
08/02/2024Fallen Paratroopers Remembrance Day in Ukraine
08/23/2024Flag Day in Ukraine
08/29/2024Day of Remembrance of the Defenders of Ukraine
09/09/2024Memorial Day for the Victims of the Crimean War
09/17/2024Patient Safety Day in Ukraine
09/18/2024Deceased Motorcyclists Remembrance Day in Ukraine
09/22/2024Day of Partisan Glory in Ukraine
09/29/2024Babyn Yar Massacres Remembrance Day in Ukraine
10/19/2024All-Ukrainian Day of Human Responsibility
10/28/2024Liberation of Ukraine from Nazi Invaders Day
11/21/2024Dignity and Freedom Day in Ukraine
11/23/2024Remembrance Day for the Victims of Holodomors in Ukraine
12/11/2024Krymchaks and Crimean Jews Remembrance Day
12/14/2024Chernobyl Liquidators Day in Ukraine

Unofficial Holidays

01/14/2024Old New Year
08/27/2024Ukrainian Salo Day

Professional Days

01/24/2024Foreign Intelligence Service Day in Ukraine
01/26/2024State Audit Service Day in Ukraine
02/07/2024Masseur Day in Ukraine
02/11/2024Civil Registration Office Employees Day in Ukraine
02/16/2024War Correspondent Day in Ukraine
03/09/2024Land Management Day in Ukraine and Kazakhstan
03/14/2024Day of Volunteer Fighters in Ukraine
03/17/2024Mobilization Employee Day in Ukraine
03/25/2024Security Service Workers' Day in Ukraine
03/26/2024National Guard Day in Ukraine
04/02/2024Dog Handler Day in Ukraine
04/07/2024Geologist Day
04/12/2024Day of Space and Rocket Industry Workers in Ukraine
04/13/2024Military-Industrial Complex Employee Day in Ukraine
04/15/2024Criminal Investigation Department Employees Day in Ukraine
04/23/2024Psychologist Day in Ukraine
04/27/2024Treasurer Day in Ukraine
04/30/2024Border Guard Day in Ukraine
05/06/2024Infantry Day in Ukraine
05/18/2024Science Day in Ukraine
05/18/2024Reservist Day in Ukraine
05/20/2024Day of Bank Employees in Ukraine
05/20/2024Sign Language Interpreter Day in Ukraine
05/23/2024Naval Infantry Day in Ukraine
05/25/2024Publishing, Printing and Book Distribution Workers' Day in Ukraine
05/26/2024Chemical Industry Workers' Day
05/28/2024Community Police Officer Day in Ukraine
06/02/2024Water Resource Management Employees Day in Ukraine
06/02/2024Local Industry Workers Day in Ukraine
06/06/2024Journalist Day in Ukraine
06/09/2024Light Industry Workers Day
06/12/2024Stock Market Employees Day in Ukraine
06/18/2024Police Inspector's Day in Ukraine
06/19/2024Farmer’s Day in Ukraine
06/23/2024Public Employee’s Day
06/25/2024Customs Officer’s Day in Ukraine
07/01/2024Architecture Day in Ukraine
07/02/2024Tax Service Employee’s Day in Ukraine
07/03/2024Anti-Aircraft Missile Troops Day in Ukraine
07/04/2024Forensic Expert Day in Ukraine
07/04/2024National Police Day in Ukraine
07/07/2024Navy Day | Sea and River Fleet Day in Ukraine
07/14/2024Fisherman’s Day in Russia and Ukraine
07/15/2024Ukrainian Peacekeepers' Day
07/16/2024Accountant and Auditor Day in Ukraine
07/19/2024Coach Day in Ukraine
07/21/2024Day of Metallurgist
07/27/2024Medical Workers’ Day in Ukraine
07/28/2024Retail Employees' Day in Ukraine and Belarus
07/29/2024Special Operations Forces Day in Ukraine
08/04/2024Air Force Day in Ukraine
08/08/2024Signal and Cyber Security Forces Day in Ukraine
08/11/2024Builders' Day
08/11/2024Veterinary Workers Day in Ukraine
08/15/2024Archaeologist Day
08/19/2024Beekeeper Day in Ukraine
08/22/2024Law Enforcement Officers Remembrance Day in Ukraine
08/25/2024Miner's Day
08/31/2024Aviation Day in Ukraine
09/01/2024Entrepreneur's Day in Ukraine
09/02/2024Notaries Day in Ukraine
09/06/2024Administrative Service Center Employee Day in Ukraine
09/07/2024Military Intelligence Day in Ukraine
09/08/2024Workers of Natural Gas and Petroleum Industry Day in Ukraine
09/14/2024Day of Ukrainian Cinema
09/14/2024Day of Physical Culture and Sport in Ukraine
09/15/2024Forestry and Timber Industry Worker's Day
09/17/2024Rescuer's Day in Ukraine
09/21/2024Day of Inventors and Innovators in Ukraine
09/21/2024Pharmaceutical Worker's Day in Ukraine
09/21/2024Surgeon Day
09/22/2024Mechanical Engineer's Day in Ukraine
09/27/2024Tourism Day in Ukraine
10/06/2024Teacher's Day
10/06/2024Territorial Defense Day in Ukraine
10/08/2024Lawyer's Day in Ukraine
10/09/2024Realtor’s Day in Ukraine
10/10/2024Standardization and Metrology Employees Day in Ukraine
10/11/2024Day of Logistics Support Specialists of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
10/13/2024Artist's Day in Ukraine
10/20/2024Food Industry Workers' Day
10/25/2024Military Chaplain Day in Ukraine
10/27/2024Day of Automobile Workers
10/29/2024Military Financier Day in Ukraine
11/03/2024Engineering Troops Day in Ukraine
11/03/2024Missile Troops and Artillery Day in Ukraine
11/03/2024Social Workers’ Day in Ukraine
11/04/2024Railroad Workers' Day in Ukraine
11/09/2024Cultural Workers and Folk Artists Day in Ukraine
11/10/2024Winegrower and Winemaker’s Day in Ukraine
11/16/2024Day of Radio, Television and Communication Workers In Ukraine
11/17/2024Agricultural Workers' Day
11/18/2024Sergeant Day in Ukraine
11/19/2024Hydrometeorological Service Workers' Day in Ukraine
11/19/2024Glass Industry Workers’ Day
11/21/2024Air Assault Forces Day in Ukraine
11/28/2024Financial Monitoring System Employee Day in Ukraine
12/01/2024Prosecutors’ Day in Ukraine
12/05/2024Statistician's Day in Ukraine
12/06/2024Armed Forces Day in Ukraine
12/07/2024Day of Local Self-Government in Ukraine
12/12/2024Ukrainian Ground Forces Day
12/15/2024Court Workers' Day in Ukraine
12/17/2024State Executive Service Day in Ukraine
12/18/2024Military Counterintelligence Day in Ukraine
12/19/2024Defense Lawyer Day in Ukraine
12/22/2024Energy Industry Day
12/22/2024Diplomatic Service Day in Ukraine
12/24/2024Archivists' Day in Ukraine

Public Holidays

03/08/2024International Women’s Day
05/01/2024International Workers’ Day (Labor Day)
05/08/2024Day of Remembrance and Victory Over Nazism in Ukraine
06/28/2024Constitution Day in Ukraine
07/15/2024Ukrainian Statehood Day
08/24/2024Independence Day in Ukraine
10/01/2024Day of the Defender of Ukraine

Cultural Observances

03/20/2024International Francophonie Day
04/18/2024Day of Historic and Cultural Monuments in Ukraine
04/29/2024Ukrainian Football Day
05/05/2024Europe Day in the Council of Europe
05/09/2024Europe Day in Ukraine
05/16/2024Vyshyvanka Day in Ukraine
06/25/2024Day of Friendship and Unity of the Slavs
07/08/2024Family Day in Ukraine
09/30/2024Day of Libraries in Ukraine
10/01/2024Ukrainian Cossacks Day
10/27/2024Ukrainian Writing and Language Day
12/07/2024Ukrainian Headscarf Day
12/08/2024Charity Day in Ukraine

Other Observances

04/12/2024Scouts’ Day in Ukraine
05/12/2024Mother’s Day
05/18/2024Neighbor Day in Kyiv
06/02/2024National Cancer Survivors Day
06/16/2024Father's Day
06/30/2024Day of Youth and Children’s Public Organizations in Ukraine
08/12/2024Youth Day in Ukraine
09/17/2024Adoption Day in Ukraine
10/20/2024Breast Cancer Awareness Day in Ukraine

Ecological Observances

04/20/2024Environment Day in Ukraine
07/06/2024Dnieper Day

Religious Holidays

05/05/2024Easter in Eastern Christianity
05/06/2024Easter Monday in Eastern Christianity
06/23/2024Pentecost in Eastern Christianity
06/24/2024Orthodox Whit Monday

International Observances

06/01/2024International Day for Protection of Children
08/02/2024Roma Holocaust Memorial Day
09/01/2024Knowledge Day