Cultural Observances

02/18/2024Island Languages Day in the Amami Islands
03/20/2024Vernal Equinox Day in Japan
07/07/2024Tanabata Festival in Japan
09/09/2024Chrysanthemum Day in Japan
09/18/2024Island Languages Day in Okinawa
10/01/2024Sake Day
11/01/2024Classics Day in Japan
11/15/2024Schichi-Go-San in Japan
11/24/2024Washoku Day (Japanese Cuisine Day)
12/01/2024Motion Pictures Day in Japan
12/12/2024Kanji Day in Japan

Public Holidays

01/08/2024Coming of Age Day in Japan
02/11/2024National Foundation Day in Japan
02/23/2024Emperor’s Birthday in Japan
04/29/2024Shōwa Day in Japan
05/03/2024Constitution Memorial Day in Japan
05/04/2024Greenery Day in Japan
05/05/2024Children’s Day in Japan
07/15/2024Marine Day in Japan
08/11/2024Mountain Day in Japan
09/16/2024Respect for the Aged Day in Japan
09/22/2024Autumnal Equinox in Japan
10/14/2024Health and Sports Day in Japan
11/03/2024Culture Day in Japan
11/23/2024Labor Thanksgiving Day in Japan
12/31/2024Saint Sylvester’s Day / New Year’s Eve

Other Observances

01/10/2024Dial 110 Day in Japan
05/12/2024Mother’s Day
05/22/2024Girl Scout Day in Japan
06/16/2024Father's Day

Folk Festivals

01/11/2024Kagami Biraki in Japan
03/03/2024Hinamatsuri in Japan
08/13/2024Obon in Japan
08/14/2024Obon in Japan

Religious Holidays

03/15/2024Hōnen Matsuri in Japan
04/08/2024Hana Matsuri (Flower Festival) in Japan
12/08/2024Bodhi Day in Japan

Anniversaries and Memorial Days

02/07/2024Northern Territories Day in Japan
02/22/2024Takeshima Day in Japan
03/01/2024Bikini Day in Japan
04/28/2024Restoration of Sovereignty Day in Japan
06/23/2024Okinawa Memorial Day in Japan
08/06/2024Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony
08/09/2024Nagasaki Peace Memorial Ceremony
08/15/2024National Memorial Service for War Dead in Japan
12/14/2024Forty-seven Ronin Remembrance Day in Japan

Unofficial Holidays

02/22/2024Cat Day in Japan
03/14/2024White Day
03/20/2024Minion Day in Japan
07/10/2024Natto Day in Japan
08/09/2024National Hug Day in Japan
11/11/2024Pocky Day / Pepero Day

Professional Days

04/18/2024Invention Day in Japan
04/20/2024Post Office Day in Japan
07/19/2024Female Cabinet Ministers Day in Japan
11/01/2024Self-Defense Forces Commemoration Day in Japan

08/15/2024Obon in Japan

Ecological Observances

10/28/2024Prefectural Earthquake Disaster Prevention Day in Gifu