Flag Day in Ukraine Date in the current year: August 23, 2024

Flag Day in Ukraine Ukraine annually celebrates Flag Day on August 23. This is public working holiday, that celebrates the day, when the yellow-and-blue flag was risen at the flagstaff of the Kiev City Council.

The first ceremony of rising of the modern Ukrainian flag took place on August 24, 1990 in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Two years later this flag was adopted as the national flag of independent state of Ukraine. However, Flag Day is observed on August 23, because August 24 is Independence Day in Ukraine. In order to omit double celebration, Flag Day was moved.

Flag of Ukraine consists of two equal horizontal stripes of yellow and blue colors. This yellow-and-blue flag was used for the first time in 1848 in Lviv. The short-lived Ukrainian People's Republic adopted this flag as national flag in 1918, but later, after formation of the Soviet Union, the flag was outlawed. It was officially restored only in 1992, after proclamation of independence.

Two colors of the flag are symbolical for Ukrainians. Blue stands for the sky and yellow is for field of wheat. Meanings of the colors have nothing to do with original reasons of their adaptation, however, evocation of landscape certainly formed the Ukrainians' conception of their flag.

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